4.7 5 0 534 534 Hecha con manteca de cacao y una mezcla de Vaselina Jalea, la Loción Corporal Radiante con Cacao de la línea Cuidados Intensivos de Vaseline ayuda a mantener su piel saludable y fresca
Loción Corporal Radiante con Cacao de la línea Cuidados Intensivos de Vaseline
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Leaves skin feeling nice and soft. I feel this is beneficial for the people with normal skin, if you have very dry skin this may not work best for you. Still a good lotion for daily use!
Me encanta esta version de vaseline deja piel suave y su olor es rico
Deja la piel suave
Esta crema me gusta mucho de suave la piel y me la mantiene fresca
Good for pregnancy
I used this while pregnant to help keep my stretching skin moisturized and to soothe the itchy skin and stretch marks I Already had. The scent is sweet and it was soothing on my skin.
Not effective on really dry skin
I have truly dry skin. My skin is really dry year-round, and I need a lotion that really addresses this issue. I purchased this lotion and found that my skin was only moisturized for the first couple hours after use. I then had to re-apply, or apply a better product in order to avoid itching. I was very, very disappointed in this product.
Body Lotion
This lotion is absolutely great. I have very dry skin, and this is one of the few lotions that actually work for me. My skin always feels nice and soft after using it, and it lasts all day. With most other lotions, my skin still feels dry right after applying it. I highly recommend it to anyone with very dry skin.
Great on preggo belly
I Use this lotion while I was pregnant with my last child. He did a great job of keeping stretch marks away and what stretch marks I did get it helped heal them quickly. It smells great with the cocoa butter and as with all other Vaseline lotion’s keeps your skin moisturized without feeling too greasy. It is an affordable lotion as well.
Vaseline Lotion
It leaves your body feeling very soft and it relieves any itchiness and burning feeling after shaving too. I love it it’s one of my top lotions there is. I would recommend this to everyone.
Great lotion!!
I use this all Over! It has a nice faint smell and it’s not oily at all!! It’s also a decent price for the amount you get
Long Time User!
I have been using this Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion for years and years! Ever since i can remember this has always been my absolute favorite brand to use. My skin stays soft and smooth and even has a nice glow to it. I love cocoa butter and it has a nice beach smell to it. It lasts all day and i do not have to reapply as often comlated to other brands. My skin does not feel greasy but is left unbelievably soft to the touch and my hubby does not have any complaints because he compliments my skin everyday and how it feels like a babies bottom. I am literlly addicted to lotion and keep this huge bottle in my purse and i use it more often then i have to just because i am addicted to lotion. A normal person i would say applies lotion 5 times a day or less but i apply lotion over 50+ times a day. My mother was the same way and she is in her 60s and she does not have one wrinkle on her arms, legs and most importantly face because of how often she applies vaseline lotion!
Great for winter days
I get horrible dry patches during the winter which are super itchy and irritating. This lotion helped a lot and cleared up my skin. I love the smell too. I can't wait to buy another bottle.
Smells like old ppl lol
This lotion works. So I have to say if you have dry skin it’s a very good lotion. However it sent isn’t the best. Reminds me of a nursing home
Me encanta su olor y no te deja la piel aceitosa me encanta
It's very creamy and smells wonderful. It makes my skin feel smooth. I liked that it has a big quantity and it smelled good no I think it is great the way it is and yes I would
Great for dry skin relief.
We've always loved Vaseline Intensive Care lotion. Our skin gets so dry in the cold Wisconsin weather. Cocoa Radiant does a fabulous job of moisturizing dry skin. The scent is a bit too overwhelming to me, but my hubby loves it.

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