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L'Oreal Oleo Therapy
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I am a big fan of Loreal products and this one was not a surprise on how great it worked for me. I have dry hair and with using Loreal, my hair looks and feels healthier. This smells great also. I recommend it.
The best stuff on the market, I’ve never found such an amazing conditioner like this one is, I can’t brag enough how healthy my hair is because of this conditioner
For me this product works great (I have very thick coarse hair and I do coconut oil masks very often and leave them in over night, so this morning when washing the oil out of my hair I used this conditioner and LOVED it! It smells fantastic and it made my hair very soft and extremely easy to work with! No tangles and no hair turnjng to straw as many others have said. Maybe using the coconut oil the night before helped but the conditioner itself I do really enjoy and would definitely purchase again! P.S This product is getting lots of negative reviews! People r saying that their hair turned to straw after using this product. I am by no means an expert but I did some Google search and found articles about people being " protein sensitive". Apparently, with products that add protein to your hair (if your hair already has plenty of protein) it will make your hair brittle and cause breakage. And once you stop using the product hair will get back to normal.
send the free samples of LOREAL OLEOTherapy to Edmy Arroyo in street 7 f9 estancias de san fernando carolina PR 00985
Wow ! This L'Oreal Oleo Therapy worked such wonders on my dried out .. makes crunching sounding hair. It treated my hair like a $100.00 salon treatment . Unfortunately I have stopped seeing it at my local stores .
First off, I love the scent of the L'Oreal Oleo Therapy line! It seems to be discontinued now which is so disappointing. I loved the hair mask and I'm still using up one of the shampoos. I love that it's sulfate free and that the hair mask was silicone free. We need more silicone and sulfate free hair products on the market!
Me encanta esta crema de loreal. Es uno de los mejores productos que he usado
This is very hydrating and moisturizing for your hair and it leaves it conditioned and soft!
I have tried this product and would love a sample, it is Awesome! I get compliments all the time when using this, my hair has volume and looks oh so silky.
I personally did not see any improvement on my hair. Loreal Oleo Therapy did not leave my hair smooth or moist.
Magic for your hair!! Literally the only hair product that does what it's supposed to do! I won't waste money on maybe-this-will-work!
leaves your hair feeling soft it is great on my hair and it smells so good
I love this Loreal hair care. It makes my hair look great.
i wolud like to taste this product because it looks very great and this brand is really really good and i would like to do it
Loreal Oleo Therapy clearly left my dry brittle hair silky and moist. I just purchased it last week and have used it twice so far, and I am looking forward to using it again today. I highly recommend it to anyone with dry hair!

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