4.7 5 0 43 43 Abre los ojos bien grandes con la máscara de pestañas a prueba de agua Bambi Eye color negro intenso de L'Oreal Paris y experimenta un volumen que abre los ojos al instante y unas pestañas alargadas. El cepillo de ojos anchos de la máscara de pestañas se adapta a la forma del ojo para cubrir cada pestaña, con una mezcla de cerdas largas y cortas para la separación y definición pestaña por pestaña. Su fórmula a prueba de agua y aterciopelada de color negro se aplica fácil y uniformemente para conseguir unas pestañas suaves y alargadas.
Máscara de pestañas a prueba de agua Bambi Eye color negro intenso de L'Oréal
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it is simply magnificent! So expressive and steady! I am happy to recommend. long keeps.
Great separation and length
This is one of my new go to mascaras. I love the separation and length that my eyelashes have. Having it waterproof is just the icing on the cake.
The Best
very good ,it made my almost invisible lashes stand out even when i wore my glasses and that's saying some thing for this kindof product .I have tried them all none worked but this one .thanks you so much.
Full Lashes
I love that this makes my lashes look full and stick out. It was easy to apply and stayed on for hours without smudging or running.
This is such a great waterproof mascara!!!!! so many I have tried in the past are difficult to remove, but this one is not. I would definitely purchase again and recommend to a friend. it's available just about anywhere, and come to the very affordable price.
Really does give the "doe eye" effect!
I received this product from viewpoints in exchange for my honest review** I am so surprised by Loreal's amazing mascaras they have come out with lately! L'oreal definitely is my top drugstore brand for mascaras and the Bambi Eye Mascara didn't disappoint. I love the thick wand and how easily it adds colume and length to my lashes, giving me a false lash effect without the falsies. Great price, non-clumping, and it is truly blackest black(my favorite kind of mascara)!
The best for volume
I found this mascara to so far be the absolute best at providing nice long and plump lashes without clumping and having to use a ton of product. The black color is nice and dark and the bristles on the applicator are great at getting into the corners to coat each lash. Having almond shaped eyes, I thought by looking at it that it wouldn't get them all but it did. My lashes looled voluptuous and lasted all day long.
Best mascara ever!
This by far is the best mascara I have found. There was no clumping and my lashes look so full.
Loreal Bambino Eye Mascara
This mascara I really like because I've had other ones that are supposed to be waterproof but they would still run down underneath my eye. I have finally found the right brand.
Waterproof mascara
This mascara really is waterproof and I absolutely love it
Blackest mascara!
If you want Super black long lashes this is the mascara for you! definitely my top three favorite mascaras😊
Good volume and love the bright color. Nice applicator to wouldvwith to get volume.
I DEER you to try this BAMBI Mascara!
When it comes to mascara, my thin sparse lashes runs for the hills just thinking of the clumping and elbow grease that will go into washing it off. With this Bambi Mascara, I was pleasantly surprised with my end results!! Not only was the lash effect INTENSE on my tiny, almost transparent, lashes but washing it off was a DREAM!! I wouldn't claim this is "waterproof" but that's fine by me. It nearly disappeared when the water hit it. (Which was shocking--i assumed it would take many the wet wipe to wash off due to the intensity I saw on my lashes!!) Some micellar water and a light once over with a makeup wipe, it was gone! Hardly no residue left on my skin, either. More pros: It's extremely affordable with the results reminding me of Tarte Maneater! No smudging even when worn all day!! I especially loved the brush applicator, it fanned out my lashes and coated them with just the right amount of product!! It did, after a few hours, start to slightly flake but it's tolerable! 5/5
Truly Bambi lashes
This mascara gave my eyelashes such volume that they truly looked like Bambi lashes! My eyelashes have never looked fuller! One of the best mascaras I have ever used! I would recommend this mascara to anyone looking for fuller, longer lashes!
In Love
I have long thick lashes (yea!!!) but they stick straight out and mascara typically just weighs them down )boo) But this mascara is incredible!!! I don't even have to curl my lashes. I just brush it on sorta pushing my lashes upwards and they curl up beautifully. The wand separates the lashes really well, and covers all my lashes, even the inner and outer corners really nicely ( I had forgotten I had so many lashes LOL) The case it great, it has a flat side so I doesn't roll off my vanity. It is a waterproof mascara and so it stays on so well I need to use makeup remover followed by baby oil and miceller water to clean it off. Best mascara I have ever used.

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