4.3 5 0 101 101 Disfrute el sabor exquisito de los postres de restaurante, pero en casa con las Mega Galletas de Duncan Hines. Fáciles de preparar y listas en minutos, esta mezcla de galletas de azúcar con espolvoreados de colores se puede hacer en el horno o en el microondas.
Mega galletas de azúcar bandeja para hornear con mezcla para galletas
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Great snack
My girlfriend and I came across this in the grocery store and had to grab it. We microwaved it and split it. It was SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!!!!
Not bad
my kids have been bugging me to buy this i finally gave in. The tatse was good and it was quick and easy to make but for the price was ridiculous.
bad tasting
i don't like this product at all. it just doesn't taste good. there's nothing like a oven baked cookie not a microwave one
Quick and delicious!
I found this on sale at our local grocery store and my 5 year old begged me to try it since we were having a mommy daughter day...and we took it home and microwaved it for one minute like it said and added Cool whip on top as the package suggested. Lol. It was the best $2.50 ever spent and probably the quickest easiest thing ever to make with such a deliciously scrumptious reward for us to eat! I wish my store had more but I can’t find them anywhere else now. I would recommend it to anyone! Easy as warming up a pop tart! Haha
Pretty good
I had my doubts about this product, but was pleasantly surprised. It requires no ingredients added or even mixing and cooks in the microwave for about 1 minute.
Great taste, somewhat healthy. Please you have to try it.
Great tasting
My daughter loves sugar cookies and when she had friends over, we made this cookie. Tastes is so good but it’s not that big. I really should have bought 2 or 3. It’s way bigger than the average cookie but not enough for 5 friends to share.
Duncan Hines mega sugar cookie
My gd made it in the microwave. I was hesitant. I couldnt believe it , it was so crunchy and tasty
It was good
I was very curious to try this as I love cookies, I followed directions completely the outside edges were rock hard and the center was cooked perfectly, I am definitely will to buy this again
An alternative to birthday cake!!
This cookie was a huge win at my sons birthday party. Just the perfect size for him to enjoy all by himself. It never got dried out and hard as it took him 2 days to finish it. Stayed moist and delicious right till the last bite!
Love it
This is amazing it speaks for its self as long as you stick to the directions you really can't mess up cake!
Easy and fun to make dessert. It was very moist and just sweet enough. The whole family loved the sprinkles. Only improvement I think it needs to be thinner. Just a hair thicker it would be a cake.
Happy birthday
Got this for my mother's birthday. We will try another one soon. They tasted great and easy to prepare. Sure kids would love it. Love it as it. Recommend for anyone.
Fun, Easy, Kids Cool, Delightful!
Love this delightful, delectable, incredibly delicious vanilla flavor! So fun & easy to make & had a wonderland of fun making this with our kids! They couldn't believe how cool it was to make the delicious vanilla flavor treat with very little help, loved the independent "We did it!" Just needed Mom for the oven safety!
Loved it. Easy to make. Very great way to get grandkids or kids to help make.

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