Mega Value Slipsilk™ Scrunchie Set

4.8 5 0 136 136 Estos coleteros mejorarán tu juego de peinados. Están diseñados para evitar las arrugas del cabello y están hechos con slipsilk ™ para ser suaves con el cabello delicado. Su amplia superficie y su seda de alta calidad hacen que el scrunchie slip® esté diseñado para reducir esas molestas arrugas causadas por los elásticos normales del cabello.
Mega Value Slipsilk™ Scrunchie Set


I love these hair scrunchies because they don't pull my hair real tight like a rubber bands do which cause me to get headaches. They are soft and silky and easy to use for various styles.
I love these! They don't pull.
I love these scrunchies they look cute, and they don't rip my hair out like a lot of other scrunchies. My hair dresser also saw a big difference in my dead ends so because of these my hair is growing alot better. I'm so happy because before my hair was literally dying.
I really like this little pack because it’s a variety of scrunchies that are great at securing your hair. I really like the texture and the colors that these hair ties come in.
Best hair tie ever
Love these they never pull your hair out and if stretched out put in cold water goes right back to size
I wear these for work. Holds your hair tight without breakage. My hair breaks very easy, because of Thyroid disease. More colorful colors
The hair ties or scrunchies are amazing at not drying out your hair. Very easy to unravel curls and coiled hair when it wraps around. I’d like to see a thicker/fatter band for different hair types. I’d still recommend this and continue to use.
Griefs and 6th grade in a huge way that we have maybe we could have a good night for you guys and maybe some other day and a breathing room to take care for the night and then I will be able and be in the same
Durable hair ties!
I can't believe how long these hair ties lasted! I'm still using my first one and the elasticity is exquisite!
Slipsilk scrunches
I have long straight hair and these bands keep my hair in place without any damage.
I love these scrunches they don’t pull your hair out and they look great. Highly recommended this product
No more hair pull.
I am in love with my scrunchies. I used to get my hair all tangled up in the hair tie. And getting it out would always pull my hair and have breakage from it.
Thin hair vs hair ties
Thin hair is always slipping out of hair ties until we tried these. I love how it grips to the hair but doesn't pull. More perfect and less painful
I hate spending the money on them but I adore these. While they do stretch over time like any other hair tie, my hair never breaks with these. I’ve also accidentally worn them into the cold Maine ocean and they held up super well. Will repurchase again and again. They also look so cute on my wrist as a bonus!
Best for thick hair!
I love these scrunchies! they're are great for my thick hair and the silk like material helps prevent snagging!
Super useful!
They are beautiful, cute and really useful! I use it everyday and my friends as well. They came in different colors, so you can match with your different clothes and styles. Totally worth to buy it!

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