MobiCam DXR-M1 Baby Monitoring System with/ Smart Auto Tracking Room temperature Lullabies

4.8 5 0 63 63 Claridad, privacidad y confiabilidad: monitor con una conexión sin interferencias. La mejor selección de MOBI por su señal cerrada única de secuencias de audio y video seguras para evitar cualquier acceso no autorizado. MobiCam DXR-M1 ofrece audio bidireccional, seguimiento automático, canciones de cuna, potente visión nocturna y muchos más. <br> • Plug and play: listo para usar, no se requiere configuración. <br> • Supervise de forma segura y sin problemas hasta 1000 pies de distancia. <br> • El audio bidireccional permite hablar y escuchar. <br> • Vea perfectamente en la oscuridad total con potentes lentes de visión nocturna. <br> • Seguimiento automático de movimiento si está activado. <br> • 3 canciones de cuna incorporadas para calmar al bebé. <br> • Medida de temperatura ambiente con alarma de temperatura. <br> • El sistema expandible hasta 4 cámaras permite el monitoreo de múltiples salas y ubicaciones. <br> • Transmisión operada por voz / VOX para la detección del llanto del bebé. <br> • Alarma de recordatorio de la hora de la comida. <br> • Clip para cinturón y soporte de mesa para un fácil acceso. <br>
MobiCam DXR-M1 Baby Monitoring System with/ Smart Auto Tracking Room temperature Lullabies


Better to find another product
Works great. Night vision is good, if the camera angle is right. But picture glitches a lot and battery life could be better .
Works well
This product works well but just as well as most other options.
This is the best baby monitor great video display great quality and highly recommended. We love this camera in our nursery
Just wow
Absolutely loved this product. That I even bought another one as a back up
I bought this as a gift. Only to find out it was already purchased. I ended up keeping because I had bought it while out of town, so I was unable to return. I used in living room to help keep an eye on kiddos. The camera fell off from vibration. Landed on a soft surface and broke.
Great product
Our neighbor grandson two years old,had a birthday year ago. we gave this MobileCam to protect their handsome baby boy, they say's the features it offers is amazing.From tilt pan and zoom, to two way talk. To reading temperature of the room and more.
MobiCam DXR-M1 Baby Monitoring System!
The MobiCam DXR-M1 Baby Monitoring System with/ Smart Auto Tracking Room temperature Lullabies is just plug and play -and is always ready to use, no setup required and the two-way audio allows for talkback and listening.
Strong video !! This camera gives you a sense of security. Very clear video.
Safety first
Gives you that extra sense of safety. Really helped me relax knowing I could hear and see from any room. Great feed and video. Perfect way not to wake them up by going in the room.
Great Quality For The Price!!!
I picked this baby monitor/camera at an Amazon re-sell store and I was really happy with the results. I used it in my elderly parents bedroom during the day at the time, and the sound and image quality were crisp and clear. The monitor is easy to install and I was very happy with it over all. Highly recommend!!!!
I used this product to monitor my son when he was a baby it was very clear and efficant the picture was perfect a great and easy to use best baby monitor.
Great camera and sound
I like the way that the camera view ia nice and clear also the volume is not cracking up I hate that cracking sound when your trying to hear your baby. Its very easy to set-up. I would highly recommend this baby camera system for anyone who has a newborn or even for kids with needs that you worry about to keep that extra eye on them. Great product and for the price its even better for out kids safety don't believe money would ever be a problem. mone
Great for newborns
You can see your baby sooo clear in this and it’s such a great peace of mind to have while they are sleeping in their own room without. I love being able to look down and see my boy sleeping!
Love it
I got the last year and I love it if you have a newborn baby you need this
I got it for our baby and it is the best . I got it in January so it been couple months of us using it

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