4.4 5 0 54 54 Cremoso, con un toque de nuez. Preparamos la infusión con leche de almendras, nunca son demasiado dulce. Si lo tuyo son los productos libres de lácteos, éste es tu STōK
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Tastes Great!
My mom and I tried this together and she loves the taste! She always buys more once we run out. I think the logo and design are very attractive as well. We would both highly recommend!!
Pretty good
For the price the quality and taste weren't bad. I didn't really care for the super creamy texture but I liked the flavor.An added shot of caffeine would be good.
I love STOK cold brew coffee, and this variety, Mocha STOK Cold Brew Coffee with Almondmilk, is just delicious! It is smooth and so much less harsh than regularly-brewed coffee. I love how this isn't too sweet, as well! The coffee really shines in this, not sweetness or mocha flavoring!
The best
Stok is my have to brand of iced coffee, no joke every trip to the grocery store I buy a new bottle. It is the best! I've had many flavors and they are all good! I love the almond milk Mocha flavor, very good!
Delicious but could be sweeter. Good almond flavor.
Stok coffee
This coffee taste great and doesn’t upset my tummy like regular milk and coffee. It has a smooth texture and a great taste and has a longer self life than regular premise on the go coffees
I love the taste of it. And the price was within budget.
I have a hard time liking pre-packaged coffee, but this really did the trick! As soon as I park my car for work I have to be alert and attentive which is well taken care of by the product!
I was previously purchasing a different brand of iced coffee made with almond milk but I will be switching to this brand now. It's not too sweet and has just the right amount of almond milk.
Smooth and creamy
Love this cold brew-super rich and creamy. I don't have any lactose or dairy issues, I just picked it up on a whim. I was unsure of it due to the almond milk but it tasted just like dairy versions. I do wish it had more caffeine and packed more of a punch but overall I was happy and would purchase again.
Love, love, love!
I am lactose intolerant so this is a yummy alternative to regular coffees out there! Super delicious! I would definitely buy again!
Cold Brew for an afternoon refresher!
I loved the smooth mocha taste and that it was made with almondmilk. It was a great afternoon pick me up. It could have been a little stronger but it was good just the same.
delicious and creamy 😍flavor..ir you will love it simply rich .. you will take it and every sip you will #enjoy !!
Hate the taste of almond milk but this has such great flavor I can’t stop drinking it!
I love this drink...is so delicius... my family is firts time taste this cream fue coffe... I love so much. I buy more next time.

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