Munchkin Dingray Xylophone juguete de baño

4.8 5 0 71 71 Diseñado para fomentar el aprendizaje a través de la música y el juego, Dingray™ es una raya flotante, juguete de baño e instrumento musical en uno. Los bebés y los niños pequeños pueden hacer sonidos divertidos y tocar canciones simples mientras practican la coordinación mano-ojo y las habilidades motoras gruesas al mismo tiempo. Hecho de materiales blandos y teclas resistentes al óxido, este amigo flotante siempre está listo para tocar un acorde, tanto dentro como fuera del baño.
Munchkin Dingray Xylophone juguete de baño


Great bath toy
My grandson which is 3 absolutely love this bath toy. It’s dries fast and very easy to use in bath and play music.
Munchkin Dingray Xylophone
My nephew loved this toy. It kept him occupied and we had no problems with it.
Kid Approved
My son loves this toy. Its entertaining and fun. I really like the colors. Its the perfect size to carry around too.
Cute and Different From Other Bath Toys
This toy came in a pack of 3 musical bath toys and I thought this xylophone was especially cute as it is different from other bath toys I've seen. It dings loud even when covered in water and my kids love it.
Little one loves it
She’s so crazy about it she’s my little musician as soon she wakes up she wants to play with it
Bath time toy!
Bath fun! helps learn with music . It floats. kids can play songs and it helps with hand-eye coordination and motor skills at . Its soft and rust-resistant . They can play with it in the tub or out!
Bath Fun and Music
My 2.5 year old has been playing with this bath toy since he turned 12 months. He loves it and it does produce great musical sounds. You have to be careful though, as if your little one taps the keys too hard, tho whole toy just sinks underwater! Overall, great toy and great fun!
Sounds as cute as it looks.
While I am one who thinks noise toys are torture. This xylophone is actually pretty soft on the ears and the babies I watch get a kick out of it. It's quite an adorable experience.
Keep your kid busy!
This was fantastic. I gifted it to a friends child and they not only were kept busy for quite some time but it seemed to have sparked a love for music so it looks like other musical products are now in the running for future gifts!
Love this!
My daughter loves to play with this making lots of music
A child’s favorite
Kids love two things… splashing in water and banging on anything that will make noise. Welcome to a toy that bridges that gap!!! Excellent design!
Good enough
Toy works good enough to capture his attention to avoid meltdown while washing up. Toy stays afloat for 15-20 mins if you get longer your lucky
Great toy for the bath tub keeps the kids busy while u wash them up and definitely helps them be excited to actually take a bath, my child always wants to take a bath when he sees this toy
Bath time!
My kiddo loved this toy during bath time. He’s the perfect age to be able to use toys and such other than rubber ducks. He has a blast with it! I recommend for your kiddos!
Like Beethoven in a tub
My two year old loves baths and music. This is truly the best of both worlds. No more wild splashing, my little man loves to make music while enjoying some bubbles. Definitely a must have for parents.

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