Nature's Recipe Prime Blends Chicken and Lamb Recipe Wet Dog Food 2.75 Ounces

4.8 5 0 38 38 Hecho con pollo real como ingrediente número uno, así como cordero real y caldo de huesos salados, el alimento húmedo para perros Nature's Recipe Prime Blends proporciona una nutrición deliciosa y rica en aves de corral que puede sentirse bien dándole a su mascota. Este alimento para perros sin granos está elaborado con vitaminas, minerales y nutrientes adicionales y tiene antioxidantes activos en cada bocado para ayudar a mantener la salud general de su perro. Está libre de sabores artificiales, colorantes, conservantes, maíz, trigo y harina de subproductos avícolas.
Nature's Recipe Prime Blends Chicken and Lamb Recipe Wet Dog Food 2.75 Ounces


My Dog Loves this!!!
My 14 year old finecky Shiz tsu loves this food. It's the perfect size for him because he is a little overweight. The only thing about this food is it smells very badly. To humans that is, Sam seems to live it though. If your dog is a picket eater I recommend you try this food.
My dog usually eats kibble but wanted to change it up for him and this was a hit
My dog refused to eat anything other than human food after my other dog died. She began to eat this after I Placed it in front of her. It does have a small smell, but most wet foods do. I would highly recommend this.
She eats it
I have a very picky Dalmatian that believes she's human. This is actually a food that I can mix with her dry food and she will eat most of it if not all.
My dog loves it!
My dog is a little picky, we mix his dry food with wet food, and he doesn't like patte style. This wet dog food has a good base, with good ingredients and mixes nicely with dry food! I do wish they had bigger cans or jars for bigger dogs, tends to get pricey when you have to use one tub per feeding. But overall, the dog doesn't seem to mind! He loves it!
Our dogs fav!
I love seeing my dogs enjoy their food and this product is definitely one of their favorites! It’s so easy to mix with dry food and they have so many flavors so my dogs don’t get bored.
Good dog food
I was very surprised by the dog food. I always try to find the most natural products to feed my little Shitzu. When I opened the top I thought to myself, this looks like I just pulled the meat off the chicken and put it in gravy. It wasn’t that jelled gravy which some have in it. It was juicy and had real chicken in it. This one is a winner.
Love it
My Rocky loves this flavor. We use it as a meal topper to add more nutrients instead of just eating bland dry food all the time. I wish they came in bigger containers but other than that I would totally recommend this product to others.
Doggy approved!
My dog seemed to like this dog food a lot. It wasn’t her favorite by any means, but she still happily ate it. I’m also glad that it’s healthy for her as well.
Small good price
I liked the idea, 1 day use, I have 2 small dogs, they are not picky. I could not get them to eat. I mixed with kibble they didn’t like it.
She really likes it!
My precious dog Tequila who is a very very picky eater will eat every drop of it. She is a rat terrier mix and thinks that she is a human and not a dog. So she only wants to eat what we are eating, which is not the best thing for her to eat. Which has given me a major chore in trying to find dog food that she really likes. So I noticed it on the shelf and thought why not give it a shot. To me it looked like beef stew and the price is amazing too. Well after I arrived home I put it in her dish and with my fingers crossed, she actually ate the whole thing. Yeah she really likes it!
Nature's Recipe Dog Delight
Nature's Recipe Prime Blends Chicken and Lamb Recipe Wet Dog Food is a favorite of our loved family dog. It is wonderful for me to know I am giving the the very best care of our loved family dog. Grain free, real protein, nutrient rich antioxidants that supports health and digestion, contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Cannot do better to with the carefully selected ingredients to give the best! Our dog loves the delectable flavor and now knows the packaging, his excitement is proof with showing he loves every bite!
tengo 6 perros y cuando quiero premiarlos este producto es perfecto y a mis perrijos les encanta asisque ellos se lo recomiendan.
My dog loves it
This I believe is the best real pulled chicken and veggies or Turkey pulled food that a dog could ever eat , it smells like chicken and noodles!! I even tasted it, its real chicken and noodles or flavor you pick for your dog! Gives real shine an a healthy choice of. What your dog needs!!
Nature's Recipe chicken & lamb dog food
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT MY DOG LIKES IT Made with real beef and real lamb. This dog food provides delicious, meat-rich nourishment that you can feel good about giving your pet. It has added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and has active antioxidants in every bite to help support my dog's overall health. It is free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, corn, wheat, and poultry by-product meat

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