Nerds Clusters Candy Sweet & Gummy inside, Tangy & Crunchy Outside, 3 Oz

4.8 5 0 638 638 Rainbow Nerds rodean centros afrutados y gomosos. Esas pequeñas chispas dulces son inventores fantásticos. Un grupo poppable, lleno de Nerds picantes y crujientes. Un dulce tan sabroso que ni siquiera hay palabras. es el dulce divertido y divertido de comer con una variedad de opciones deliciosas, crujientes, masticables y gomosas: Original que incluye la icónica caja de doble sabor, Ropes, Big Chewy y ahora Gummy Clusters. La caja icónica original combina dos sabores complementarios con cámaras dobles, lo que permite a los amantes de los dulces derramar piezas perfectamente imperfectas de puro deleite. Las cuerdas les dan a los fanáticos una cuerda masticable y afrutada llena de NERDS crujientes y dulces, y Big Chewy y Sour Big Chewy tienen un crujido que rodea un centro masticable. Los nuevos Gummy Clusters tienen mini racimos picantes, crujientes, alrededor de un centro gomoso dulce para un bocado sabroso y reventable.
Nerds Clusters Candy Sweet & Gummy inside, Tangy & Crunchy Outside, 3 Oz


Nerds Clusters
My child and I LOVE these. I myself like fruity candies over chocolaty ones most days and the sour tang the nerds add to it give them a nice crunch and taste. My kid asks for some anytime she sees them now. So i think thats a plus from her too!
Yummy 😋
These are so yummy. I kept telling myself one more and ended up eating all of them. If you like Nerd Ropes then your will definitely love these.
I love Nerds candy!
I had the opportunity to try the Rainbow Nerds gummy candy and they taste great! You get to have the taste of Nerds candy with a gummy. I even wrote to the company to tell them how much I really enjoyed and they sent me a coupon for a free Nerds product. I would definitely recommend this brand and this product to everyone!
These are a unique form of gummies
These are a new and different type of gummies. Different flavors are in each bite. It has tangy bites and fruity bites. Gives your mouth a new experience.
love this treat
This is a great snack and treat. it is easy to share and tastes delicious. the cost is usually pretty good for the value. it is fairly sticky but is not too sticky and has that slight crunch from the nerds.
Sweet & Tangy
If you've ever tried Nerds Ropes then this is the mini version. Nerds are my favorite candy and the Clusters made it even better!
I absolutely love these!!!! I am on weight watchers, and this is an awesome low point pick me up sugar snack for me to have! I saw these at the store two weeks ago and got so excited that they were carrying them, I'm pretty sure I convinced some cashiers to even buy them and try out!
Unique all around
The perfect mix of texture and sweet/sour small doses though!
Pretty satisfying
I liked these. They are both sweet and tangy. Definitely satisfied my sweet tooth, even the sample size was enough to satisfy
Not bad
These were pretty good. Once you start to eat them they are pretty addictive . Though there is a unique or unusual taste to these. Not sure if that's what makes them so addictive or what. They are crunchy and chewy.
Surprisingly Amazing!!
My son got some of these in a birthday bag and we all love them. Same nerds flavor with a gummy twist!! I like that it's something new because we sure get tired of the same old thing.
Already love eating Nerds so this was an instant hit
Better than gummies
I have quite a sweet tooth and saw these as I was shopping and decided to give them a try. I love the original nerds and these did not disappoint. A bit tart and chewy I old definitely recommends this candy.
i love them
Really good, the taste it’s so good, me and my kids love them. You have to tried.
Great treat
This is mostly for the kids but it doesn't mean that adult can't have treats too. This is very handy so it's a really great treat whenever you're in the car or somewhere else. I love the popping tastes. Brings back the childhood memories.

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