Neutrogena Toallitas limpiadoras desmaquillantes para el rostro sin perfume

4.6 5 0 595 595 <li>Las toallitas faciales suaves y prehumedecidas sin fragancia de Neutrogena limpian suavemente la piel. <li>Retire el maquillaje y limpie la piel de manera efectiva en un solo paso con estas toallitas limpiadoras faciales. <li>Las toallitas húmedas desmaquillantes limpian y eliminan la suciedad, el aceite, el maquillaje, el sudor, el protector solar y la contaminación de la piel. <li>Las toallitas faciales sin perfume limpian a fondo la piel sin dejar residuos pesados, por lo que no es necesario enjuagar. <li>Elimina hasta el 99 % del maquillaje, incluso el rímel resistente al agua, con estas toallitas desmaquillantes. <li>Oftalmólogo, dermatólogo y probado contra alergias e hipoalergénico. <li>Suaves con la piel, están formulados sin ftalatos, parabenos, sulfatos, alcoholes, jabones ni colorantes. <li>Diseñadas pensando en la tierra, las toallitas faciales compostables están hechas con fibras 100 % de origen vegetal.
Neutrogena Toallitas limpiadoras desmaquillantes para el rostro sin perfume


Leaves Skin Clean and Soft
The Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes with no fragrance left my skin feeling clean and soft. They are great for sensitive skin and I like that there is no fragrance, just cleanliness. The wipes are great as they remove all makeup including tough mascara and one wipe is all that’s needed.
Not impressed
The wipes were to thin, too oily or soapy took like four to clean my face and it felt filmy afterwards I didn't want to add toner or moisturizer but next day my face had splotches
My favorite
These Neutrogena makeup removal wipes are a staple item in my beauty care routine. They remove my makeup quickly and efficiently while leaving my skin soft and smooth. It even works quickly on waterproof makeup such as mascara. If you're looking for a makeup remover that works quickly plus leaves your skin nicely hydrated, then this is definitely what I would recommend!
Perfect amount of clean
We use these in our home everyday. Removes make up easily without having to scrub your skin off. It does NOT leave my skin feeling tight or slimy like other make up removers do. Very reasonable cost as well.
My daughter loves
Easy and throw away travel is great when needed to clean up from rain or heat
They work
These work well for me. They do not burn as others do. I do have to use two to get my face rid of makeup. The only thing that I do not like is their resealable package. It doesn’t work at all. I close it then put something hard on it so really seal.
My favorite makeup wipes
I have been using these makeup wipes for years and I swear by them to take off my full face of makeup without irritating my skin or breaking me out. I use this as my step 1 cleansing any time I wear makeup and it is gentle on my skin.
Works well
These cleans my face, and doesn't irritate my face, some wipes will cause breakouts, however these are fragrance free and are ultra soft. I like to keep them on hand for removing lip gloss as well.
great product
They remove waterproof mascara at first, removes quickly matte lipsticks! They dont irritate my sensitive skin.i use them in my house, and for travel, they don't use to much space in your pouch. Yes I will recommend this product and also for people that have sensitive skin. I wish I could had known this product since before. And also it's perfect just to clean your face after a workout, or after a long day out of your house
Great for sensitive skin
Great make up remover for oily and sensitive skin. Reduces breakouts next morning while still keeping skin moisturized
Awesome, gets makeup off easily, and cleans face, makes skin soft as well!!!
Great wipes
These wipes are really good at taking off makeup. I've tried other brands of makeup wipes, but these always seem to do the best job. One complaint I have is that with repeated opening of the sticky top, it wears aways and ends up not fully sealing the pack which causes the wipes to kind of dry out. Other than that, these wipes are easy and convenient.
Easy to use
I try not to use these wipes because they are not great for my skin but they are so easy to use. They are great for travel where I'm limited on space and can't pack my Micellar water + reusable cotton pads.
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes
I use these makeup remover wipes daily and love them! I like that they are fragrance free. I have sensitive skin and I have never had a problem with these! I would recommend to a friend.
Clean faces
These are in multiple bags and in each bathroom of my house. I love you use them for not just myself but also for my kids between bath days. They are fresh smelling and not too fragrent. Towards the end of the oack they can be a bit more saturated with the cleanser.

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