NYX Professional Makeup: Delineador líquido Vivid Brights en rojo

4.4 5 0 24 24 ¿Buscas arte gráfico hecho fácil? Es hora de pasar el dedo a la derecha con nuestros delineadores líquidos de fácil aplicación en 9 tonos vivos. Esta fórmula ultrapigmentada se desliza sin saltar ni tirar de los párpados y se seca mate. Esta nueva fórmula es resistente a la decoloración, las escamas y la transferencia, perfecta tanto para principiantes como para profesionales. Dé rienda suelta a su artista interior con la punta de pincel extra fina para alas infalibles y líneas gráficas.
NYX Professional Makeup: Delineador líquido Vivid Brights en rojo


Great Liner!
If you wear red lipstick, you must use liner to avoid bleeding. This is a really great, budget friendly option. It's thin so you can't end up looking like a clown and it's very easy to control as well. It doesn't bleed at all and at this price point, it's budget friendly perfection!
Fierce colors!
I adore this liner now I know everyone doesn’t really like to use liquid liner but this with a nice thin, sharp end makes it so easy to apply. The fact that it comes in different colors I mean really?? We literally hit the jackpot with this. I use it every day to add that pop of color to make a bold, fierce look.
Amazing liquid lip liner
I never used a liquid eyeliner until now and I’m absolutely in love with it I’m never going back to a pencil the colors gorgeous and it stays on all day I definitely recommend this 100%
So pretty
I have this product in other colors as well. When I wear black eyeliner, I use this product to outline it. This is a good product. If you’re looking for an eyeliner, I recommend this eyeliner from this brand’s vivid brights line.
love this
this eyeliner is so great. Its very easy to apply and lasts all day long. I love how it brightens my eyes and the convenient tube makes it easy to carry in my purse
Good pigmentation
For a drugstore product, this offered a good amount of pigmentation. I love the fact drugstores are also beginning to sell brighter colored eyeliners than your typical neutral shades.
Not for me
I am one of those people who believe eye liner is a must. I did not care for this. It is a little smudgy. Not reliable.
great quality
stayed on all night on my date ! its so smooth and bright. it didnt smudge which is a big probleam for me since i use eyeglasses.
Love it
I loved the way it looked and lasted through the day and the options of colors
NYX is the best for eyeliners. They really did their thang on this one!!
Not too shabby for a liquid liner!
Full disclosure, I am more of an eye pencil gal, however, this liquid liner caught my eye. I purchased it with my own money on a whim. I am not being compensated in any fashion for my review. I was in the mood for trying something a little fun with my eye makeup and to add a little pop of color. I bought this eyeliner and used it on my lower lids. It really did the trick! I like the vividness of the color. It was not too overwhelming, it was the look I was going for. I love my eye pencils, but liquid liners have definitely had their moment with me in the past. It was fun to use one again. Compared to the liquids I have used previously, I was really impressed with the Vivid Bright's staying power. It didn't smear off or seep into the inner corner of my eye like some other liners I've tried. I'm definitely going to keep using it and I might even try other colors, too!
Love the color
I love the color but it tends to come off a few hours later. I have it in the pink color and it’s too matte that it cracks down on my eyelids. No I wouldn’t recommend this product.
Not a fan
In my humble opinion, I don’t personally care for this liquid eye liner. I would prefer to use their gel pencil rather than liquid because this particular brand appears to be extra messy.
Not crazy about this one guys
So this is not my favorite product by NYX. I definitely wanted to try these because they said they were highly pigmented and don't Crack, but I noticed cracking within an hour. Plus the colors are almost too shockingly bright for my skin tone.
So vivid. So vibrant. So beautiful! It’s literally the perfect color and it works so incredibly well. Super impressed! I’ll definitely be purchasing this again when I run out of it!

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