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One A Day Teen VitaCraves Gummies
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One A Day Teen VitaCraves Gummies
One A Day Teen VitaCraves Gummies: My daughter takes these vitamins and she says they taste good. They really help your skin, hair, nails. They could improve by making them cheaper. I recommend these for your teens.
I give these to my daughter because she doesn't always eat the best. She loves them and I have no problem getting her to take them. We've tried other gummy vitamins in the past and there are certain flavors that she won't eat, but with these she will finish the bottle.
Works great
These vitamins works great for my daughter. She loves them. The flavors are great and she feels amazing when taking the vitamins. Great price as well.
Both my kids take these and LOVE them! I tried them first and they taste great. A bit pricey, but worth it.
These are totally reliable. My daughter doesn't eat a whole bunch so I turn to these to give her what she may be missing.
My daughter takes this vitamins. We both feel good knowing she's taking a quality vitamin. I really like that they are specific to her age.
My 12-year-old has been taking them daily for 6 months. You can definitely tell a difference in her energy and attitude when she stops taking them! Growing bodies need proper nutrition to function normally and she's just one of those kids that needs the extra boost or she turns into a grumpy, exhausted little thing. She actually reminds me when she's running low because she hates to not have them. So glad to have found these.
My daughter loves these Vitamins and I need to get her more soon. They are easy to take and it's not hard to get her to take them and she says they taste really good. These are a must imo.
I got his for my sister and she loved it, she was sad she ran out
I bought these one a day Teen gummies for my teenage son because I saw the reviews here here on HOME TESTER CLUB. I didn't even know about a teen vitamin, so I thought this was great! Aside from the essentials that are in it for him, I won't be buying again. He does not like the sugar coating on them.I think we are going to try Vita Fusion since I have other family members that have taken that & rave about them. Also... One A Day.... but the servings is 2 ??
Great for everyday. Really notice a difference when a day is missed.
I have tried this I had a coupon and my granddaughter likes this better then Flintstones. Hoping to get another coupon to get some more
My teenage daughter takes these and thinks they are great. Not too sweet, no bad taste.
I love this product. their soft and you don't have a bad taste after taking.
I have tried this product and they are great, so easy to take and no after taste.

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