Original Tamagotchi Virtual Pet - Plaid

4.7 5 0 118 118 ¡La mascota digital original que amabas en 1997 está de vuelta con un caparazón a cuadros rosa y verde azulado! Con la programación original, lo alimenta, lo limpia, lo cuida e incluso lo disciplina si lo está molestando cuando no lo necesita. Además, ¡puedes jugar al juego de personajes! ¡Cómo cuides a tu Tamagotchi y cómo te va en el juego, determina qué Tamagotchi adulto obtendrás! Incluye la batería CR2032 y se adhiere a su bolso para que vaya a todas partes. 8 años en adelante.
Original Tamagotchi Virtual Pet - Plaid


My childhood is back at last. I loved these things when I was growing up
Brings back memories..
It is so cute and very cool. Reminds me of the one i had as a child.
Got a Tamagotchi for my daughter and I find myself playing with it. She loves it and plays with it every day.
So happy these are back makes me remember so many childhood memories
This just makes me so gosh darn happy. My childhood has returned and now I can share that with the yougin's. The new fancy colors definitely add to the appeal. Better than the 4 colors you got to choose from in the 90's
I used to take mine to school with me as a kid. I was obsessssed. Now I love that my younger family members are getting the same joy out of it that I did!
Nostalgia on a Keychain
What can I say, other than this is such a fun and simple distraction from all the craziness going around. Easy to use if you have never played with one before, and easy to get right back into if you have.
This was one of my favorite toys as a kid! It was so much fun. If I didn’t have a newborn I’d want to play with one now
So much fun!
I used to have one as a kid and I just recently got one as a gift and let me tell you it brought me back 15years. I love my little guy he. So much fun and really is for all ages
Just like when I was a kid
I love this. I HAD SOOO MANY AS A KID. So this is definitely like a trip down memory lane! I love that now my kids get to be into these too! Of course they are tricky to get the hang of but once you do they are super simple and fun!
Fun for kids
Of course my daughter had this. Annoying as they tend to be.
Cute and Querky
Was a gift to my Neice 6 years old, she giggled and was totally fascinated with caring for her little pet. Perfectly fun.
I’m loving this!
I hate this game when I was a kid, now we have so much fun with it. I love showing the kids something I played with as a kid
I had like 10 of these when I was little. Seen this in walmart and had to buy it. Reminded so much of my childhood. I recommend.
My oldest 2 kids really loved this when they were younger. It’s handy in teaching a kid responsibility of taking and remembering to care for something.

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