Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight 50 Lumens 6 Colors Model 6103

4.8 5 0 132 132 Ya sea que pase una noche en el bosque en su campamento favorito con la familia o se esté abasteciendo de artículos esenciales de emergencia, esta mini linterna LED portátil Ozark Trail es justo lo que ha estado buscando. El tamaño de la mano hace que sea fácil de llevar en el bolsillo, de modo que esté listo para cualquier situación que dependa de la linterna. 50 lúmenes. 2 horas de funcionamiento. Distancia del haz de 40 m. Asegúrese de abastecerse de artículos esenciales para el campamento y recoger una mini linterna LED de mano Ozark Trail.
Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight 50 Lumens 6 Colors Model 6103


Great flashlights
I keep a few these around like In my car, throughout my house for when my power goes out, happens alot
Amazing! Let it light the way....
These compact lights offer convenience and brightness. I keep on in each bedroom, in the event the lights go out or you just want to sneak around the house. I also have one in my car and living room. I used to produce entertainment productions and take a guess what all the staff had backstage in their pockets?
These are very affordable flashlights. I have bought several for my grandchildren and they absolutely love them. They get to pick out their own color and they have them decide their beds in case the lights go out and when we go to the beach they take them down While we walk the beach at night
Worked great
We took the Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlights with us when we went camping. Everything had their own, which was great for the kids. They worked great.
Great little flashlights
These are great little flashlights. Every time I take my family camping I feel like I'm always buying a bunch of these. They are super bright easy to handle and affordable. I like to buy them for little baskets for my kids. They love a good flashlight.
bright light
handy tool when lights are out or you have a dark spot . small enough to keep in pocket .
Great flashlight!
We buy these for my daughters who love to take these to bed at night to read or to play tag when they’re supposed to be sleeping! They are the perfect size for purses, backpacks or in cupboards for emergencies!
Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight
I like these little flashlight, very handy. Put them in my cars and on in the house. The rest with my camping gear. Excellent lighting but wish they would last just a little longer.
Excellent little gifts for the men in my family
I think everyone in my family has one. LOL. They are small enough to carry in your purse or pocket. They are very bright! We use them when we go camping a lot. I love the different color options as well. They are sturdy and the bulb lasts a long time. I highly recommend!
handy to have
these little lights are very powerful and long lasting. I have them all over the house. You never know when you will need one
Love this
This item is amazing Modes on this light is just wonderful good product great color an easy to carry around lite an small thanks to the founders an creators
Class reading time
I bought these for my classroom for them to use during our reading time. Sometimes I turn off all of the lights and let them use them to read.
Durable, easy to use and only $1
This flashlight is easy to use with its tail end button, the body is durable, it comes in multiple fun colors, and provides better light than your smartphone. The best part is the whole thing is only $1!
Stocking staffers
all the kids and grandkids kids like to play hide and seek at night and they use the little lights to help hide and find
Its bright for little light
Works good and easy to take anywhere. Fits anywhere and battery change easy

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