Paños de limpieza húmedos desinfectantes de Clorox

4.8 5 0 356 356 CLOROX DISINFECTING MOOPPING TOPS: Lleve el confiable poder de limpieza y desinfección de Clorox a sus pisos con el ligero aroma de Clean Rain. LIMPIA, DESINFECTA Y SANITIZA: Mata el 99,9% de los virus * y bacterias, incluido el virus COVID-19 *, con el poder de Clorox limpia y refresca con un aroma sutil y fresco.
Paños de limpieza húmedos desinfectantes de Clorox


germ free floors
Its not much different from all the other sweeper cloths. However it’s nice to know my floors have been disinfected. Just not sure if that’s really practical since the minute they get walked upon wuth shoes they are decontaminated. Other than that they work well.
Clorox wipes are my BFF!
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I used these before, during and after the pandemic and always feel safe that all germs have been KO"d! Never got COVID!
Clorox disinfected wipes
Really like them. When I us them to disinfect, I know that I am cleaning to get rid of germs in my home. All clorox products get the job done
excellent for our fifth wheel camper
I absolutely love these wet mop clothes, they are perfect for our very large camper floors. The smell is not over powering like I thought it might be and leaves the floors clean and shiny, these are now a staple in the rv.
Great product!
I absolutely LOVE these Clorox Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths!! I always keep them stocked at my house. Not only do they smell amazing, they clean my floors great without leaving a sticky residue behind! Plus, they are Clorox, so they kill 99.9% of Viruses and Bacterias! I would definitely recommend!
Great product
Cleans to the fullest- easy to use and affordable
Good product!
I really like this product !! I wanna buy it again .
Clorox wet wipes
I absolutely love this product. There’s no wringing out a mop. You just put the cloth on & wipe away the dirt. Then throw it away. No rinsing required!
Strong Smell
It's great to clean your floors and disinfect them! Only bad thing for me is that the smell of bleach was extremely over-powering that I had to open windows and let my house air out a bit.
Clorox Disinfectant mop wipes
These are so convenient and easy to use and the best part is they still get the floor clean. I use two of these mop pads on the floor and the floor is left shiny and clean.
Must have product
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services. This is a great product to try definitely. I love it.
Disinfectant at its finest
Perfect Clean everytime and a convenient
Disinfected bathrooms are a must
I have been using swiffer on my floor for years. I added a little bleach to the floors when I am cleaning the bathroom. The mopping cloths with Clorox is great for the bathroom. Anything that makes cleaning quick and easy is a plus in my book.
Great Cleaning Wipes
I like using these - they're easy to use, easy to toss away, and leave the floors clean. You pay a bit more for them, but they do a good job and it's definitelyeasier than using a bucket and mop. They have plenty of solution, don't dry out right away, and work well.
I use these clothes everyday and love the ease of a disposable wipe.... great clean smell and durable confident my floors are as clean as possible

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