Paquete de Muñecas de Cambio de Imagen Total Preppi.Posh de FailFix

4.7 5 0 108 108 Conviértete en la última #SALVADORADEESTILO, ¡y haz un cambio de imagen con FailFix! El escuadrón de FailFix ha probado los últimos tutoriales de belleza en línea y las cosas no salieron según lo planeado... ¡ahora necesitan tu ayuda para arreglar ese error de belleza! ¡Te presentamos a @Preppi.Posh! Ella busca obtener el mejor estilo, ¡pero necesita tu ayuda para lograrlo! Primero, comienza la transformación de pies a cabeza con una revelación de moda sorpresa: ¿encontrarás un conjunto de ropa inusual o ultra raro con material especial? A continuación, mima a @Preppi.Posh aplicando la mascarilla mágica de spa. Una vez que se sienta relajada, quítesela para revelar una apariencia que le encantará. ¡Es posible que incluso encuentres un look de maquillaje Inusual o Ultra Raro debajo de la máscara mágica! Luego, ¡quítale los accesorios que tiene pegados en el pelo y cepíllalo hasta que quede suave como la seda! Por último, ¡completa la transformación total usando los artículos para el pelo incluidos para crear el estilo "Up Style" que ella estaba tratando de conseguir! Termina de preparar a @Preppi.Posh con zapatos y joyas para crear la apariencia de sus sueños.
Paquete de Muñecas de Cambio de Imagen Total Preppi.Posh de FailFix


Girls absolutely loved this makeover doll. Kept them entertained for hours each day
Pretty dolls
My daughter's loved them. Pretty strong and sturdy won't break easily
My grand daughter has this and she loves it. It was affordable and it is fun and unique!!
Doll lover
My daughter is six and she loves dolls but this one is the very best by far she plays with this for hours on end. Would recommend this for any little girl for hours of fun. I nearest thing about this doll is they are all interchangeable.
Makeover doll
Bought my 6 year old daughter this for Christmas and she absolutely loved it! The only thing that was a little difficult was she had a hard time brushing her hair out the first time, but it was fun for a mom and daughter play time. I would recommend buying this doll it was so much fun!
Daughters favorite
My daughter loves it. We do spa days so she brings her to join.
Its winner!
Why didnt they have dolls like this when I was a kid? My girls love this! It gives them a fun look into beauty care for when they're older. They fight over it, they like it so much!👍🤷‍♀️
Cute gift
I got this for my 3 year old niece for Christmas, my sister is an esthetician so this adorable spa makeover was a great gift for her. We opened it up on Christmas Day and played with it, you get to brush things out of her hair but the face just pops on and off you don’t really do anything else to it.
Great Product
I gave this to my little cousin for her birthday and she enjoys playing with this everything I see her. This product makes a perfect toy for a little kid. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't know what to get their kids.
My child loved this she plays with it everyday it's simple not to many small parts s great buy that will provide hours of entertainment for your child simply a must have.
Daughter loved it.
This was a great gift my daughter got! I have a 13 year old daughter and a 3 year old and they both enjoyed it equally! Can be for younger and older! Even my boys like the masking part. Definitely recommend!!
I actually never heard of this product before until when I bought it. Although I was a bit iffy with the price, I still bought it to have a test. I let my five-year old son tried it and he thought it was ok. Doll
Doll is beautiful. Absolutely tons of fun and beautiful design.
About this for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves it I recommended for anybody
My Daughter LOVED HER!
I have four little girls and two little boys are ages 3 to 13 and they absolutely adored this beautiful doll!!! My six-year-old daughter and my nine-year-old daughter play with quite a different array of dolls but this one is much different than just the average Barbie doll because you’re able to change up her looks, and different things so they gave you more range to be more creative. I really like toys that my kids can use their imaginations more end have a lot more things to do with the doll. This wasn’t something that I had a trial on it some thing that I’ve personally vote for my daughters and I would recommend it to any parent. Good price for a fun toy!

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