4.8 5 0 75 75 Descubra un mundo de limpieza asombrosa y un feliz cepillado con Crest y Oral-B. A su hijo le encantará cepillarse los dientes con su cepillo dental electrónico favorito de Toy Story de Disney Pixar, con cabezales del cepillo de repuesto y pasta de dientes.
Paquete de regalo para niños de Crest y Oral-B
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Love oral-B
My son loves oral b tooth brush and tooth paste. He uses it every day, morning and night.
My youngest loves to use
It's a good incentive to get kids to brush. I like the toothpaste
Kids love to brush!
Making brushing teeth less hard to fight your young ones to brush. Enjoyable experience overall.
Fun way to brush
I bought this for my son and he loves it!! He loves the tickle of the electric tooth brush. It makes getting him to brush his teeth so much easier. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with small children. So fun!! ❤️
Super cleaning power
This set is great! It gets my kids teeth super clean and they actually enjoy brushing with this set!
Perfect for kids!!!
It has the kids favorite character on them and it have a great flavor which makes the kids want to use it everyday. I also trust the brand Crest it is very affordable and still cleans great with a nice flavor.
My daughter
My daughter loves brushing her teeth when she see all kind of cartoons character she like my little pony and dinosaurs she like the toy story with all the talk toys she love it and I like how clean n fresh my daughter mouth gets
getting kids to brush
Love this. My son's actually enjoy brushing their teeth now. They have their favorite movie character showing them it's a good habit they have to. Yes I fully recommend this product for kids of all ages
Must Have gift set
Great gift set. My kids loves the characters and the flavors of the toothpaste/ mouthwash.
Momma of 2
This gift sets makes my kiddos want to brush. With characters they love and a great tasting toothpaste, my kids don't fight me when tooth brushing time comes. Will definitely buy again.
I absolutely loved it because of the characters kids can choose it makes it easier for them to want to brush there teeth
Toy Story toothbrush
My grandkids love this product, I have no problem getting them to brush their teeth when they stay with me. They want to brush their teeth Toy toothbrush and toothpaste. They love this product and I love that this product encourages my little ones to take care of their teeth. I would encourage any grandparent to invest in this product for your little ones, you will be happy with this product. Get your grands one today.
kids tooth brush and paste
my grandson received this set for Christmas. he loved it so much. he brushes without being pressured
Kids loved it !
Kids loved it ! Very happy , they actually want to brush their teeth lol. I would recommend and also buy again. No improvements necessary at least not for me.
It’s you story !!
How cute is this! Seen it in the store and had to purchase for my nephew! And he loved it. Helped him the first time and it was super easy to use cute little toy story set! Definitely recommend this brand toothbrush & toothpaste for kids

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