4.8 5 0 79 79 Descubra un mundo de limpieza asombrosa y un feliz cepillado con Crest y Oral-B. A su hijo le encantará cepillarse los dientes con su cepillo dental electrónico favorito de Toy Story de Disney Pixar, con cabezales del cepillo de repuesto y pasta de dientes.
Paquete de regalo para niños de Crest y Oral-B
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Great for beginners
Bought one of these for my 2 year old. Never liked brushing before but he loves his woody toothbrush. Instead of me begging him to brush he’s asking me if he can. It’s been a lifesaver
So cute
I just got one of these for my toddler. He loves it. He is picky with his toothpaste but this one he will use.
We bought the grandchildren these 3 of them and they love them makes it fun to brush teeth 2 times or more a day. I was tell everyone if you are just teaching them to brush there teeth got these makes them want to do it mine are 1 and 2 year olds
A mi hijo le encantó
Que buen diseño. El muñeco preferido de mi hijo, ya no es problema cepillarle lis dientes
My boys love it!
I was having trouble brushing my kids teeth until I got this kit and it has their favorite characters on it and now My 2 year old now loves to brush his teeth and tries to brush his teeth on his own.
My boys love this!
I purchased two of these sets and they are great! The charge lasts a long time and the electric toothbrush seems much more efficient in helping my boys brush their own teeth. They love the toy story theme and toothpaste that was included because it’s blue and not spicy. Cute changeable brush heads included.
Great gift
I got this as a gift for a family member and they were excited to see their favorite toy story characters on their tooth brush. This is a nice kit to transition a child to an electric toothbrush!
Toy Story
I love these the electric toothbrush also have been Toy Story my grandson will love Toy Story he's got every character everything that have to do with Toy Story I was so glad to find this to give it to him for Christmas
My son absolutely loves!
Love the theme! My son loves it so much, he always wants to brush his teeth! Lol it was hard to before but now, he always wants too!
crest& oral-b-kids gift pack
my granddaughter loves this brand.......she uses it on a daily basis.....she loves the tooth brush. and the tooth paste flavor........
A Fun Way To Brush
Personally, for all the parents who are having a hard time with their kids "remembering" to brush their teeth, I think this is a wonderful alternative. My little one loves the characters and the noise it makes while the brushes are spinning so much that I don't have to keep after them so much to go in and brush their teeth. Also, I must say I notice a difference in the look of their teeth after having been using it since December, I believe the angle of the brushes help them reach teeth that are a little more difficult to reach when using a manual brush. The same would go for the spinning action of the bristles. This bonus pack is a great deal because it comes with extra heads and toothpaste. A total win for everyone!!!
Love oral-B
My son loves oral b tooth brush and tooth paste. He uses it every day, morning and night.
My youngest loves to use
It's a good incentive to get kids to brush. I like the toothpaste
Kids love to brush!
Making brushing teeth less hard to fight your young ones to brush. Enjoyable experience overall.
Fun way to brush
I bought this for my son and he loves it!! He loves the tickle of the electric tooth brush. It makes getting him to brush his teeth so much easier. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with small children. So fun!! ❤️

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