Peace Out Acne Champs Kit

4.6 5 0 31 31 Descubra la rutina de los campeones que luchan contra el acné. Elimina el exceso de grasa y las impurezas sin eliminar la humedad natural de la piel con el Blemish Balm Cleanser exfoliante diario, trata las imperfecciones con el suero de tratamiento con ácido salicílico integral y minimiza la aparición de brotes durante la noche con los puntos curativos para el acné con ácido salicílico más vendidos.
Peace Out Acne Champs Kit


Blemish Patches
While I haven't used everything in this set I have used the blemish patches and they are definitely at the top of my list compared to all the other types and brands that I've tried in the past.
This product didn’t work for me.
I used this product over and over but I didn’t really see a difference in my skin. The only plus is that it moisturized my skin and it was not left feeling oily.
Great for sensitive skin
This product worked well clearing up acne without leaving my skin irritated or red, which is usually the case with my skin and any kind of acne treatment. Easy to apply, works well, cute packaging.
Love this set!
I LOVE Peace Out acne stickers, they have completely changed my skin. I don't have acne and/or breakouts daily, but I do get monthly hormonal acne, and the occasional breakout from maskne or from forgetting to wash my face before bed, and all I have to do is apply a Peace Out dot directly on my pimple(s) and they are gone overnight. I had never tried the other products in this set, but they are also amazing. I have no excuses now! :)
Peace out pimples
This is a fantastic product line for dealing with the taboo pimples none of us, young or old want to even speak about! I bought these for my tween daughter and they made a bad situation much better. I will definitely be making these a staple in our home.
This Honestly Works & Fast!!!
Received as a Sephora VIP gift, I tried it that very night and awoke the following morning to find my mondo zit was gone! These are a must have for any woman’s arsenal! Easy to use, and it doesn’t leave skin red, tight, dry or irritated like most other acne treatments! You won’t regret purchasing these!
Love This
I have struggled with acne for a long time and my love for Peace Out started with their dots and now there serum and balm has truly helped keep my acne at bay. Not perfect but so much better! I highly recommend this kit to anyone who want to try it out and see if it works!
Love Peace Out!
I have used other Peace Out products and loved them all so I had to try the Acne Champs Kit. I suffer from break outs every month due to my hormones and it’s sucks. What I love about the Kit is that it has pimple patches these work amazingly for small breakouts. The cleansing balm makes my skin feel so clean and the serum helps to reduce redness and lessen swelling. I love this kit and would recommend it for breakouts but I can’t give an opinion about worse acne as I don’t suffer from that.
Great Acne treatment kit
I had previously tried and loved the Acne Dots in this kit but was excited to try the cleansing balm and the serum. The balm states to apply to dry skin but I found it was a smoother application when used on damp skin. It cleansed my skin thoroughly without leaving me feeling too dry. The serum was gentle and effective. It caused no irritation and helped heal my Acne more quickly. The dots are just wonderful. They adhere well and help reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness of breakouts. This kit is perfectly sized for trial, travel, or if you just need an occasional spot treatment.
Luv it
I was bought this for a gift and I'm so glad I was!! It has cleared my face up and I will forever be a fan of peaceout skincare!! Affordable great skincare set if u suffer with acne!
These are the only acne stickers that actually work for me! This whole acne champs set is amazing and for sure worth the price. My local Sephora runs out all the time, I always have to order online!
This kit has everything that you need to clean your face and treat any acne that appears! After using the blemish balm a couple of times am &pm, I noticed a difference in my skin - it's a lot smoother and softer, making my moisturizer soak in better. The serum is perfect for when you want to reduce an acne size but don't want to wear the dots.
I have tried the Peace out Anti-Wrinkle Dissolving Microneedling Patches. It’s a very simple, easy to use patch. It’s a patch with 450 self dissolving little micro needles that help the HA, Retinol, Vit. C, and peptides absorb into the skin. Use for 2 weeks and you will be happy, and wrinkle free. Not completely, but a huge difference.
Yes! Yes! It works it just works . So few words need be said. It works. It works for little breakouts big, breakout, it’s not going away blemishes, it’s always been there! Try this!
Quality products
I’ve used the Peace Out Acne dots before and really like them so I felt comfortable making this purchase to try out the Blemish Balm and Acne Serum. I liked using the balm and felt like it did lather up like the pictures show. I always keep one of those little makeup spoons in my cabinet since I don’t like sticking my fingers directly into the tub of product! I’m still undecided about the serum- I liked that it was easy to apply due to the viscosity of the serum (I hate when oils dribble down my fingers and arm), but the dropper was almost useless. I haven’t noticed a huge change after a week of use in my skin’s appearance but the before and after photo above does show a six week time difference. I’m happy to say it didn’t cause any irritation or dryness! I tend to have a heavy hand and dry my skin out from excessive product application!

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