PEAR INC. - Juliette Has a Gun

4.6 5 0 43 43 Inspirado en los recuerdos de la infancia y la fruta favorita del fundador, la pera. Si la pera es una fruta común, sigue siendo un ingrediente escaso en perfumería. Con Pear Inc., Juliette Has a Gun ha imaginado una fragancia refrescante con un toque goloso. Es un almizcle afrutado realzado con ambroxan, ¡como la promesa de un hermoso verano!
PEAR INC. - Juliette Has a Gun


Wonderful perfume
This perfume smells amazing and fresh. A take on the original but more floral. I have always loved Juliette has a gun and now this variety as well!
The scent of this is average. I wouldn't go out of my way to find it or go to a different store to buy it if my regular store was out of stock. It had the men's "Cool Water"/women's "U" smell to it. So this could be a men's or woman's perfume/cologne. Now about the title "Leaks" it very well could have been the tester bottle I had(they are always so cheaply made) but it leaked out the liquid on every spray. The regular bottle it comes in might be different. At least I would hope so because I don't like to have that super strong and wet fingers when using this product.
Smells Like Spring Time!
I love the fresh clean smell with a musky, pear & fruity smell. It's hard to describe but smells so fresh like waking up from a long winter. It's worth every penny, I receive compliments when wearing this wonderful fragrance. I'm a bid fan of Juliette has a gun scents.
Juliette Has A Gun
I was really excited to try this perfume, because the only other perfume I have tried from this brand I really liked, plus I loved the name of this one, so I was hoping to love the scent just as much. However, it's not something that I will purchase, although I'll probably use up the rest of my sample, because the scent just doesn't do it for me. It gas only one note, and it's really tough to describe. However, I can describe what it is NOT: it's not at all floral, fruity, sweet, or your hand, so if you prefer any of those notes in a perfume, this may not be for you. It's not a horrible scent though, so I don't want to discourage anyone from trying it, as long as they're not expecting any of the notes I listed above.
I had a sample of this and it was amazing it smelt so good I used it everyday and went out fairly quickly because it was so good I one hundred percent would buy this but it is expensive.
Got a sample of this through Ipsy and it is awesome!!?!?
Very mild, sweet, fresh
I love this scent very much, it has a light fresh sweet scent without being overpowerfull! I get compliments on it nearly everytime I wear it.
Loved it
I really liked the smell of this one.. And it lasted for quite a long time. Kinda strong at first but settles after a couple minutes
great product the smell is it,..... .. . ...
Great product
This is my new favorite fragrance. It smells absolutely Divine and it lasts all day. I've been wearing this every single day, I highly recommend it.
Ipsy item
Omg love this scent. Got it in an ipsy bag and fell in love with it
The impossible
I have tried for years to get my son to try and wear different products, he has always fussed they stunk or clogged him up, but you did it, he loves this product and has not stopped talking about it since he tried it
This stuff right here smells absolutely amazing! The scent last all day and it’s not too strong. Definitely receive multiple compliments while wearing. It is a little higher in price compared to some but well worth it! Highly recommend!
One of my faves
I love this scent! I'm not sure how to explain it but it's by far one of my faves! I wear it almost every-day!!
Love It!
I received a sample of this in an Ipsy and wish I had more!

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