Pepsi Baya

3.8 5 0 502 502 La audaz y enérgica Pepsi que te encanta, ahora con un toque de jugo de fruta para una bebida cola refrescante y repleta de sabor.
Pepsi Baya


Very good
This Pepsi flavor is very good but impossible to find. Recommended
Huge Pepsi Fan!
I am a huge fan of Pepsi and this new flavor was delicious! Cherry Pepsi is my go to drink, but I would absolutely drink this daily. Only downfall is that I haven’t seen it offered in 6 pack or 12 pack options
Pepsi soda
Really not good, stick with regular pepsi
It’s different
I found this to be pleasing to taste. It’s not overwhelming and the smell is fine. I would probably buy it again but not all the time. As there’s nothing like regular Pepsi
It's ok
It was good, but not great. Berry taste is strong but leaves a weird aftertaste. Definitely drink cold!
Could be better
I wanted more of a pepsi with a light berry twist. This was very saccarine. It tasted artificial. But I guess that's what I should expect from Pepsi.
Great Job Pepsi
I’m a Pepsi lover and this Berry Pepsi has been a great addition to my preferred caffeinated colas. The splash of berry flavor is not too intense and adds the perfect balance to enjoying a fruity cola when the mood and taste buds strike! I highly recommend this product!
Weirdly Tasty
I like the flavor that it has Pepsi and Berry I like that it's still kind of tastes like Pepsi but it still has that sweet taste of berry in it
Weird taste, strong artificial berry
This berry flavored Pepsi is so weird! Not only is the artificial berry flavor so strong, but the fruit juice combination is so weird it makes for a bad flavor and after taste. This ended up getting dumped out as no one in my house liked it.
I’ve been drinking Pepsi for years so when I stumbled upon Pepsi berry I had to try it. It’s very different from the classic Pepsi and I like it.I love how every so often Pepsi comes out with a different flavor. I think it’s a good one to try if you’re a Pepsi fan.
Ugggh Why Pepsi???
I may be the queen of Pepsi, no like I really am. So, to say that I was more than excited when I saw this product line come out, would be a gross understatement. My typical go to flavor is wild cherry Pepsi, so I figured the berry flavored would be the most similar. I really wanted to like this, but it just didn’t do it for me and sadly I will not be purchasing it again.
Big No for me!!
I'm not fan of pepsi but I always give a try to new things.. so tried it but didn't liked it at all... so will not try again even my friends didn't liked it either so no chance to recommend anyone
Not a fan
I like Pepsi the way it is and don’t think it should change the flavors. I tried it didn’t care for it and wouldn’t buy again . Just not for me not a fan.
This was so different for me to try. I don’t think I would get this again. Pretty sweet but weird flavor as well. I prefer Cherry Pepsi for sure.
Pepsi Berry
This one is a no for me I did not like it much at all. The cherry Pepsi is good but I did not like this one. It is to berry tasting for me. Maybe if it didn’t have such a strong berry taste.

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