Play Day Piscina familiar inflable rectangular de 10 pies azul para niños de 6 años en adelante unisex

4.5 5 0 560 560 Los buenos momentos están aquí para la familia con esta espaciosa piscina familiar de 10 pies para el día de juego. Esta larga piscina ofrece a todos un lugar para refrescarse este verano. Construida de forma duradera con materiales resistentes a los pinchazos, esta piscina de 3 niveles está equipada con válvulas eficientes y tapón de drenaje de flujo libre que facilitan la instalación y el desmontaje. Simplemente llene esta piscina de aire, y podrá convertir su patio trasero en un paraíso de verano este verano. Echa un vistazo a todos los increíbles juguetes de piscina de Play Day, así que este verano será el mejor hasta ahora. Refrésquese durante todo el verano con la piscina familiar de 10 pies de Play Day
Play Day Piscina familiar inflable rectangular de 10 pies azul para niños de 6 años en adelante unisex


Fantastic way to stay cool while making
The product is perfectly priced for a single mom with 2 kids and quick and easy to set up. It holds its shape and is made of a durable material that outlasted my expectations. Easy for my small children toget in and out off without falling or getting hurt. Easily sets up and takes down without having to use a great deal of effort or the need of multiple people helping. All in all I would recommend this product to anyone with or with kids. My dogs even enjoyed playing in it and the product withstood 6 hyper active German shepherds jumping and playing g in it everyday. That sold me on it for life. If a product that is priced this consumer friendly AND can withstand 6 very large very hyper active German shepherds playing in it every day, not just for a day or 2 but for a full year, and every season..... and still be inflated and retain water, well, it's worth it's weight in gold. Which is why I went out and bought 3 more for my k-9 training facility, and I recommend it to all of my clie
Fun in sun
This pool is a lot of fun very sturdy and plenty of room! Great buy!!
Overall the product was not that good. The plastic was weak and the rubber air inlets got stuck.
Pool for family
Its a very good pool. I thought it was going to be smaller, but it's perfect for us and the childrens, perfect space. Good material. I have a little boy of a year and he loves the pool.
Pool for kids
I bought this for my daughter because Florida gets soooo hot in the summer and she loves being outside. Her and her dog absolutely love playing in this..
Great for small kids
I have 3 kids. I Got them one of these about 3 years ago it lasted us till about mid summer last year & it probably would have lasted longer if the dog didn't bite it. Hubby and i would get in with them they loved it
Summer fun
This pool has provided countless hours of fun for our family. It is easy to blow up. It's been durable thus far; holding up well to being outside. I would highly recommend this pool for easy backyard play.
Favorite summer pool
Im a mom of four kids and have tried multiple kinds of inflatable pools. This is by far my favorite pool. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles some pools have that is the best part about it. It’s quick and easy to blow up and provides lots of room for play.
Nice pool
Grandkids loved this pool right size and just enough water.Hours of playing and cooling off.
Definitely worth the money
I bought my pool 3 years ago. I just got it out to start it's 4th season. I've had no trouble out of it at all. I couldn't be happier it's a hit with the grandkids.
Highly Recommended
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Family fun!
Bought this for our back patio to help beat the summer heat. I am SO glad i did. Nice size, easy to store. Comfortably seating for grown adults as well. Good quality too.
Too thin, doesn't last
Our fun was cut short when the plastic began to leak. We placed this pool over the grass and had a tarp directly beneath it to protect it from any stickers that might have been hiding in the grass. We filled it half way and then added a bunch of floating plastic balls for the kiddos to play with. The fun lasted about 20 minutes before the pool was already noticeably deflating. After trying to reinflate it twice more, I finally gave up.
Play day 10ft inflatable pool
Recently our family purched a play day 10ft inflatable pool. It was so easy to set up. Just inflate pool with air and add water for hours of fun. Great way to cool down on those hot summer days
Great purchase
This pool is perfect if you have young kids. It lasted my kids all summer and part of the next one. I was surprised because it was cheap so I figured a month or two and it would be done. To my surprise it made it.

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