Play Day Piscina familiar inflable rectangular de 10 pies azul para niños de 6 años en adelante unisex

4.6 5 0 436 436 Los buenos momentos están aquí para la familia con esta espaciosa piscina familiar de 10 pies para el día de juego. Esta larga piscina ofrece a todos un lugar para refrescarse este verano. Construida de forma duradera con materiales resistentes a los pinchazos, esta piscina de 3 niveles está equipada con válvulas eficientes y tapón de drenaje de flujo libre que facilitan la instalación y el desmontaje. Simplemente llene esta piscina de aire, y podrá convertir su patio trasero en un paraíso de verano este verano. Echa un vistazo a todos los increíbles juguetes de piscina de Play Day, así que este verano será el mejor hasta ahora. Refrésquese durante todo el verano con la piscina familiar de 10 pies de Play Day
Play Day Piscina familiar inflable rectangular de 10 pies azul para niños de 6 años en adelante unisex


Bigger than I expected
I love how this pool is higher on the sides. It aloud us adults to get in and enjoy the pool with our kids. The kiddos spent hours in this pool. We have an 18 ft pool as well that we couldn't get to work this past year and my kiddos were super excited to have this pool instead. They didn't complain at all. The pool also has an easy drain plug built right into the bottom.
Good backyard pool
Good quality for the price point. Worked well for the season this summer and the kids had a great time. Perfect height for little ones also, just enough water to play in without being dangerous.
Play Day Pool
We bought this inflatable pool about a year ago. Gotta’ be honest - have yet to use it. Sure once we get around to it will suit its purpose. Lounging around. Purchased this at Walmart. Price point $25
10 foot splash pool
Want to save money during the summer months? What a better way than to save money by buying this bargain pool! It is really a great deal. My kids absolutely loved it, it is great to wade in, and keep kids cool. Not quite deep enough to fun on swim. However it still gives hours of fun!
The kids love it.
This pool is easy and just right for my granddaughters!
Daughter loved this pool!
During the hot summers in Texas, we decided to get this for our 1 year old so she can enjoy the outdoors without having to be under the sun. We used it almost every day of having it. Unfortunately, the pool ended up with a few holes and deflated. It is a great pool for short term fun, but other than that I would chose a more durable pool for the future.
Inflatable pool
This pool is so easy to inflate, and within 15 min you can. Have it inflated and full of water ready for some fun in the sun!. My twin 8 year old girls love when I put this for them on our backyard pavers .
Great pool!
This 10 foot family pool is amazing! Sturdy and great for the family to lounge in! Easy to inflate and lasted all summer long. For tear down I let it dry out then rolled it up! I plan on using it next summer too! I cannot recommend this enough!
Not cat friendly
I love these pools, they are great but need to be made of a more sturdy material. They pop so easy after sitting in the heat directly or not. Even out of the sun, the heat really starts to wear the product out pretty quick making it easy for tearing and ripping.
Family pool
My grandkids love this pool! Big enough for all four of them!!!!
Good Product
Love these. Easy to set up, great for keeping the kids/ family cool during the hot seasons, and the kids always have fun. Also great for relaxation after a hard days work outside!
Good size
My four year old daughter and her friend loves this pool. It's the perfect size for them. I got in also, but, I think this pool might not hold up to well with older children if they go a little wild. Overall, we recommend it.
Swimming pool
My kids had a blast in this pool.I would recommend to ur kids to have a fun summer
It’s okay
My mother bought it a fill it with water and the next day it popped
Nice size but didn’t hold up.
I got this pool for my two kiddos to stay cool during the summer. I was a little disappointed with how thin the bottom of the pool is. You can feel every rock and little bump underneath. Not only that, but after inflating it, two of the inflatable rings /sides of the pool had a leak (see photo) and basically rendered the pool useless if we wanted more than just a tiny bit of water in it. I was really disappointed, but my kids didn’t mind so we still got a lot of use out of it… but it’s not something I would get again.

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