Protector solar de amplio espectro para el rostro Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration

4.7 5 0 366 366 Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Face ofrece una fórmula fresca y única que se siente liviana en la piel.
Protector solar de amplio espectro para el rostro Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration


One of my all time favorite face sunscreens. It smells phenomenal and works just as well. It doesn’t leave a weird white residue. It absorbs into your skin quickly and works so so well.
Love it
Works and smells great! Purchased for a recent beach trip. Goes on skin effortlessly. Kept my skin from getting burned. A little product goes a long way.
Love the facial sunblock it smells amazing and works wonders I have super oily skin and this doesn’t make my skin look shiny or too oily. It doesn’t take much so this bottle should last you a bit.
On my second bottle
I LOVE this product. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration is the BEST for your face. I use this daily under my make up and I love that it doesn't put a white film on my face. Its smooth, protects from the sun and feels so hydrating. I don't go on the boat without it and its the best one I've tried so far. Will continue to use indefinitely.
Good for sensitive skin
I hate using regular sunscreen on my face, as my skin is very sensitive and it can cause acne. On a daily basis, I typically use either foundation or moisturizer with SPF. During the summer or when I know I will be outside for longer periods, this is my go to. A lot of other options are those sticks, which I do not like since they don't spread evenly. It smells amazing, is very light, and doesn't feel greasy at all. I also love the pump so I don't have to squeeze the product out. I keep one in my car at all times in case I need it on the fly!
Love this stuff!
This works well on my combination, sensitive skin! I brought it on vacation where I used it constantly, as I was in Aruba. It didn’t bother my skin whatsoever and it provided great coverage. It was moisturizing without clogging my pores or making me breakout.
All time favorite
My all time favorite facial sunscreen. It glides on so smoothly, isn’t greasy, doesn’t leave a white cast, and absorbs very quickly. Can’t recommend it enough!
Facial hydration
I love this brand! This is a great product for your face it helps protect you from the sun and also hydrate your face! Doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky or anything!
Hawaiian Tropic Face
Hawaiian Tropic is my favorite sunscreen and tanning lotion on the market. This face sunscreen doesn't disappoint. It's long lasting, affordable and smells great!
Used this all last summer
I am fair skinned and regular sun screen breaks out my face after constant use. This Hawaiian tropic worked well, it stayed on while I was laying out, even when I would get sweaty. Doesn't take a lot of product either. Would def recommend!!
Works great!
I have dry, sensitive skin. I have tried tons of different facial sunscreens and they either cause irritation/burning/stinging, or they leave a thick white cast on my face. I tried this sunscreen in desperation while on vacation at the beach. Not only does it smells fantastic, but it works! It goes on clear and doesn't cause any irritation to my skin at all. It does have a slight greasy feel, but my skin stays on the dry side so this is perfect for me. It also wears well under makeup and doesn't clog pores or cause breakouts.
Works well
I bought this product last summer because my usual brand was sold out. It is lightweight and smells good but I found that I had to re-apply more often than I was used to with my regular brand. It is not sweat proof. It works well but I prefer another brand.
Great SPF
I loved the scent and the creaminess of this moisturizer. However, it leaves a very thick layer of oil after a few hours so I have to wash it off and reapply/
Light, but greasy
I already use the weightless silk hydration lotion on my body and I love it. I bought this complementary product to use on my face. I like the light feel and moisturizing benefits. But, it is very greasy. I wish it had more of a matte type finish.
Love how airy and light this product is!
The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration face lotion is impressive for a few different reasons: it feels light on the skin instead of cakey, it smells great, and it provides great coverage since it has an SPF 30. The packaging is appealing too, and it's a smaller bottle so it's easy to take on the go.

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