Raid Essentials mata hormigas arañas y cucarachas

4.6 5 0 97 97 Con el nuevo Asesino de hormigas, arañas y cucarachas Raid Essentials, hemos aprovechado el poder de los aceites esenciales para que sean seguros * para su uso con niños y mascotas, sin dejar de ser rápidos † y eficaces para matar insectos. De hecho, es el asesino de cucarachas de origen vegetal más rápido ‡. La fórmula está diseñada específicamente con ingredientes a base de plantas para matar insectos y es segura * para usar en su hogar. Ahora no tiene que elegir entre ser seguro * o eficaz al seleccionar productos para proteger su hogar de los insectos.
Raid Essentials mata hormigas arañas y cucarachas


New house hold staple
I bought this on a whim since we live in the country and there are huge spiders everywhere. Ive tried it all to keep them away. And most things kind of worked, but not like this. Unbelievable. I refuse to run out! I can keep every surface clean and crum free to keep ants and roaches away but ive never found something that works so well for spiders!
Raid Ant & Spider Aerosol spray
I tried the lavender spray last week at my mom's and it worked really well. The smell wasn't to bad but we both got choked up after spraying it in the house. We were both coughing for quite a while.
I received a sample of this to try and when I first used it I was amazed at how quickly the product worked! I mean INSTANTLY!! And what's great is there's no yucky bug spray smell lingering afterwards! Trust me you'll not be disappointed!
Works 50/50
It worked on the initial spray but I found myself having to spray over and over to keep these bugs away. Went through the bottle real quickly which is probably their way to keep buying.
Super fast killing!
This stuff works very fast! Just spray on the buggies and then they stop moving. The smell is better than the old sprays of the past. Being this is essential oils the product does leave a residue but if you wipe it up immediately there isn't an issue.
Kills on contact!
It definitely kills on contact but the lemon grass smell is just too overwhelming for me. I recommend it to those that like lemon smelling products. There was no sight of the ants returning for at least 4 days.
Smells great
Has a great smell and gets the job done. The ants die on contact. I hate killing God’s little creatures but those ants had to go! R.I.P. I would definitely recommend this to everyone I know.
Effective for ants
I’ve used this on 🐜 in my kitchen and living. Kills by direct contact. You just spray and leave for a while until you don’t see any more ants. Definitely effective.
It works
We tryed it it works for the most part unfortunately it doesn't keep them away it dose kill on contact. this doesn't seem to make my dogs go crazy yes I would recommend it.veary good to keep on hand
It's effective bug control. AMAZING!!! The only bug guard/spray i will ever use.I even use it outside for extra peace of mind. It is decent in price since you don't need to keep spraying and it comes in 3 different sizes .
Goodbye bugs.
Effective bug spray. Pleasant scent and not harmful to home.
No harsh smells
Didnt kill ants on the spot but I like the plant based formula Safe scent and reassuring feeling using around house
Yea, this stuff KILLS IT ALL wonderfully. They died quickly and did not come back. The smell dissipates quickly. Little to no residue. I’m satisfied.
Plant Based
Works great at killing the ants and spiders both in (and around) my home while keeping all my loved ones safe. Can't ask for anything more. Would highly recommend. Thank you!
Absolutely Fabulous!!
I've tried several "All Natural" or "Essentials" indoor bug killers, and THIS is the first one that has ACTUALLY worked and the smell didn't make me want to vomit for the next 3 or so hours! KUDOS!!

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