4.7 5 0 183 183 Arma un volumen espectacular en el salón de belleza con esta fórmula para fotos con el destaque de la solidez profesional de filloxane, que ofrece volumen capilar completo siempre que se necesite o se desee.
Redken Chemistry Volume Shot Phase
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I would love to try this product. I have tried many Redken products before and some are great and others do nothing. I love the Soft Redken because it adds moisture to my hair but then I need something to thicken up the look of my hair which it doesn’t. This would be an awesome addition if it really adds the volume it promotes. If it helps me, it will help anyone in need of volume for their hair!
I have not tried this product yet, but would love to. Redken is one of my favorite hair brands. I have fine hair which needs all the volume It can get!
Never heard of this product till now but im a hair junkie! Always had thinner blonde/brown hair but alot of it! Love the many other Redken products I have used in past. My hair is long straight and volume lacking! Would definitely buy if seen in store.
I would love to try this product to add some volume to my hair without having to do a whole lot
Would love to sample ! Heard so many awesome reviews about this product !
I have never tried any of Redkin...the brand name doesn't sound appeal to me... somehow I don't trust it... But reading all positive reviews makes me want to try Redkin) will do!
Love this product too!
O Redken! Looooove your products!! Want to try them all!!
Just because I seen the world volume I have to get this item soon I already love Redken products... need this in my life lol -sorry it little to much -
I have not tried this product. Ut would love to at some time Nd point.
Yes i would be interested in trying redken chemistry volume shot phase I differently need to improve my hair thanks home tester club.
I love Redken and have limp thin hair. I would love to try this new product out
I would definately love to try this one, maybe I can get some volume to my hair(i'ts straight and dull) Please allow me to try this for you. Thank You
Wow,the reviews sounds Amazeing.i need this make my hair smooth and feel soft.
I would love to test this new Redken product so I could leave an honest review and tell my friends, family and co workers all about it!

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