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Reese Dc Thins 12.03oz
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I love that they made these in dark chocolate. I love everything about this, cannot stop eating them. They are amazing. Rich dark chocolate with peanut butter is heaven. Thank you!!!!
So good
I recently tried these Reese's Thins and I must say they are so delicious! I did not expect them to taste so well but man was I wrong! I personally love dark chocolate and to find that Reese's made dark chocolate cups and thins! I was so inceredibly happy!
I don’t normally eat dark chocolate but my son does and had me try these. I was surprised at how good they were. The Reese’s peanut butter with the dark chocolate has a really unique flavor. It’s not over bearing or bland. Definitely will purchase again in the future.
I normally don’t eat Reese cups because it’s too much peanut butter for my liking but the thins are like the perfect combo of chocolate and peanut butter. Definitely my favorite candy now!!
These are the only Reese's my husband wants. I have a hard time finding the dark chocolate ones but I can order them for in-store pickup and pay the same price .
Love these!
I actually bought both these and the milk chocolate ones these were great to just eat but the milk chocolate ones are great for s’mores!! I but them all the time! Even better when frozen !!
I Love Dark Chocolate
I was really happy when Reese's finally came out with this product. I prefer Dark Chocolate plus I love Reese's Cups. Though I didn't like that they were Thin, why not make them regular size. The Peanut Butter is also more Creamier in these which I didn't like to well.
I’m not really a fan or dark chocolate. These weren’t bad though. A little too much chocolate to peanut butter ratio but the taste was still good.
I am a fan of dark chocolate and peanut butter. I thought they were delicious. I also like that they are thin. I will definitely be adding to my late night snack cabinet.
Perfect amount of sweet!
Gave these a try even though I am not a huge fan of the original. Ended up LOVING them. I am not a fan of overly sweet things or a lot of peanut butter. I have always preferred dark chocolate over milk because milk is too sweet. These have the perfect balance for me when I am wanting a little treat midday. 100% recommend giving them a try if you feel similarly to me about the original.
Perfect Combination
The dark chocolate and peanut butter mix is on point. You can never go wrong with Reese's. My only wish is for more peanut butter.
Not the same
Very good but most of us (I think) want the real thing----bigger!!
Very tasty and comforting. Makes want to buy more than 1 pouch.
Less guilt, same deliciousness
I love these little thin Reeses cups. I don't know if it is just me, but the recipe seems to have changed in the regular cups. They have more chocolate that doesn't taste the same & the peanut butter is also a different consistency. These thin cups are still true to the original recipe.
Quick chocolate taste
Reduces sugar ingestion per PB cup thin. Rich chocolate taste was missing. Good for a quick pick me up.

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