4.5 5 0 183 183 Pepitas Delgadas de Mantequilla de Maní con Chocolate Negro de Reese
Reese Dc Thins 12.03oz
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Not for me
I wasn't impressed. I didn't think it had enough peanut butter and I wasn't a fan of the flavor of dark chocolate. Not the treat for me. I like original reese cups best.
A bit more
I love, love, love Reese’s! Dark chocolate is awesome and the combination is an explosion in your mouth. The only complaint would be I would like to see more peanut butter.
Off brand and leaves a bad taste in mouth, literally.
I love dark chocolate and I like Reese's. This just does not work together. The chocolate is waxy and the famous peanut butter center tastes off from the normal brand. It tastes like a health food version of the classic and was not enjoyed by any member of my family.
Dark choc PB cups
The portion of peanut butter and chocolate is more balanced. The taste is great.
I got these because I love reeses and ive always thought that they had just a tad too much chocolate. These thins have just the perfect amount of chocolate and penutbutter. They taste great, as usual. Me and my family love reeses!
Over rated
It was ok. but I expected better out of Reese's. I've always loved their candy. But I must say I was disappointed.
The best Reeses ever!! Perfect portion of the peanut butter.
Perfect Combo of Taste and Size
The intensity of dark chocolate and amount of the peanut butter filling don't just compliment each other, they area flattering duo. I enjoy the "thin" aspect of the treat- it offers a different yumminess than regular and even miniature Reese's cups! I felt good even after devouring the whole bag!
Love that they came out with a dark chocolate it’s one of my new favorite
A tiny snack
Great for a small snack or if your on a diet. Not a huge bite but helps your sweet tooth. Large amount of peanut butter cups for the package. Would definitely let others know how good they are.
Yum a must try
Love the Reeses thin peanutbutter cups. They are great for an afternoon sweet pick me up. I eat a few and feel satisfied and haven't eaten a large quantity. They are great if u0u want something quick and light in the form of a candy. I tell all my friends they are a must try!
Yummy in my Tummy
loved these; not overwhelming chocolate or peanut butter, so good
This is the yummiest Reese's Thins I have had! Dark chocolate is new to me in this brand but it is so good. Creamy peanut butter everything you love about Reese's in a thing cup that travels with you.
Reese's pb this cups
Love them!! I'm a huge fan of Reese's peanut butter cups and these do not disappoint! Yum!!!
Very good
Very good has just the right amount of chocolate and peanut butter

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