r.e.m. beauty Midnight Shadow Eyeshadow Palette

4.7 5 0 93 93 r.e.m. beauty midnight shadow eyeshadow palette incluye una mezcla de 6 mates ultra-mezclables + brillos con una sensación sedosa y ligera y la máxima recompensa de color.
r.e.m. beauty Midnight Shadow Eyeshadow Palette


Eye shadow for every occasion
The R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadow Eyeshadow Palette is a beautiful addition to any makeup collection. It features a range of deep and rich shades perfect for creating a bold and dramatic look. The formula of each shade is highly pigmented and smooth, making it easy to blend and giving you full control over the intensity of your eye makeup. The packaging is also sleek and compact, making it easy to travel with and store. This palette is perfect for those who want to experiment with deep hues and create a captivating eye look. Overall, the R.E.M. Beauty Midnight Shadow Eyeshadow Palette is a fantastic choice for those who love a little bit of drama in their makeup routine.
great colors
The pigmentation is top-notch, allowing for intense color payoff with minimal effort. The texture of the shadows is smooth and blendable, making them a dream to work with. I also appreciate the sturdy packaging and the mirror inside, which comes in handy for on-the-go touch-ups. My only small gripe is that a couple of the shades had a bit of fallout, but it was easily manageable.
Midnight Eyeshadow
This eyeshadow pallette is perfect for me and my eyes! I have a beautiful shade of brown eyes and the purple blind especially looks great on me! If you have brown eyes, this is for you!
R.e.m. Eyeshadow palette
I really wanted to enjoy this makeup brand because I love The Founder ( Ariana Grande ) But, it just wasn’t working for me! The colors were fine and richly pigmented enough to be decent in that aspect of the eyeshadow. It just was not a good color match for this pallet in my opinion the colors clash more than they compliment EACHOTHER. So I found myself having to grab ANOTHER pallet or a single shade to make a more appealing shade that does not clash, for a more beautiful eye look! I still love Ariana and would love to try more from the brand, however the price point is way to high as far as quality and value meets up in my opinion.
Eyeshadow formula could be improved
The palette looked nice, but there was some fall out with some of the darker eyeshadow. Blending was easy and the look turned out great.
Cute Palette
This palette is very compact and easy to travel with! I love the unique color stories that can be diverse and allow you to create colorful looks or a couple of shades to create something more natural. The pigment is good and easy to blend!
works great
I love the colors on this eyeshadow palate. It goes on so easy and lasts all day. Easy to remove, i really love this eyeshadow
I'm honestly surprised to be this pleased with this little palette. I was in the market for a rosy toned neutral shadow palette and was considering the Patrick Ta Major Dimension II or a Charlotte Tilbury quad (Walk of No Shame). While I love the look of the mattes in the PT palette, I didn't want all the glittery shimmers. And, as far as the Charlotte palette went, I wanted just a bit more depth in the mattes especially for the price. I watched Morgan Turner, Kelly Gooch, Nikki Tutorials, Allie Glines, Manny MUA, and Sarah Mae Beauty's reviews on the REM palettes and every one of them said the same thing about how well these palettes blend. There were some comments about how the shimmers have more of a satin cast than shimmer metallic and that was exactly what I was looking for. I am so pleased with this that I already have Smitten Kitten and Princessipia (pretty sure I messed up the spelling) sitting in my cart. I would say if you're looking for knockout packaging or foiled shadows,
Not my favorite
I had such high hopes for this because of the reviews. The color pay off wasn't that great. It wasn't easy to blend. After a few mins of wear it already started to cake up and look bad. I do have oily lids and maybe that was why, or my primer. But I just can't in good faith give a good review.
Me encantaria probar mucho este producto se ve que es de muy buena calidad y eso me gusta mucho ya que me gusta dra siempre buenas reseña a los productos que son realmente buenos y que valen la pena hacerlos viral
My experience of using this kit
When I first got it, it was a gift from a close friend and I didn't really use it. But recently when I started to I realized how mich of a life changer it is not only the amount of different colors it comes in but how good it suits me and my skin tons.
A new fave
This was an impulse buy that I am not regretting I must say. It has very nice pigment and stays on throughout the day or night very well. And comes off very easily which is a plus.
Great Eyeshadow Combo!
I really love this eyeshadow combination of colors/palette as all colors blend very nicely, they stay on well, and with the colors provided you can create a variety of different looks as well!
Very efficient
This palette is amazing, the color is very pigmented, and they blend easily and last for a long time. This palette is also great while traveling. It fits anywhere and it has all the colors you need for a great eye glam. highly recommended
Beautiful eyeshadow palettes
REM beauty is a nice makeup line, the colors are vibrant and little to no fallout, its buildable coverage and it's long lasting! The color stories are beautiful and you can create multiple looks!

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