Rideamals Snack Time Blue Interactive 6 V Trax Powered Ride-On

4.8 5 0 70 70 ¡La comida es parte de la diversión con Rideamals Snack Time Blue de Kid Trax! Este juguete interactivo es el amigo de tiempo de juego perfecto para los pequeños fanáticos de Blue’s Clues and You de Nickelodeon. Su hijo puede montar, acariciar o compartir un refrigerio con Blue. Una velocidad máxima de 1.5 MPH ofrece la combinación perfecta de diversión y seguridad, mientras que los neumáticos de tira de tracción de goma Power Trax mantienen el viaje suave y constante. Y no olvide que la batería recargable de 6 voltios con el sistema de carga Direct Connect One Step facilita la recarga, por lo que la diversión nunca tiene que detenerse por mucho tiempo. Alimenta su necesidad de diversión con Rideamals Snack Time Blue de Kid Trax.
Rideamals Snack Time Blue Interactive 6 V Trax Powered Ride-On


Love it
My daughter loves this riding thing. We bought this when she was 2, now she is 3 and she still plays with it a least twice a week. Highly recommended for your kiddos, they will love it.
It's Great my grandkids love it and they play for hours but t they don't want to share it but it's alright we'll get there great idea
Great for kids
This is just like the ones they have in the mall. My son loves it.Perfect for little ones . I definitely recommend for a birthday or Christmas. Yes I'd recommend
Cute blues clues toy
This ride on toy keeps my son very entertained and is helpful so I can watch him and get a few chores done at the same time . Perfect for little ones . I definitely recommend for a birthday or Christmas. Your child will love this .
Given to Us
My kids LOVE IT!!! They fight over it; we had to go buy another one since our kids are 13 months apart.
Fun ride
My grand daughter loved this but on the 2nd charge the battery started smoking and burnt up. If the battery hadn’t burnt up it is the perfect toy
Like the mall
This is just like the ones they have in the mall. My son loves it. He rides it on the wrap around porch. It isn’t to fast but not slow either. It’s perfect for a toddler who is always busy.
My grandson loves to ride his blue he calls it. It is sturdy and will provably oitlast all of our grand kids.
Kids Love it
Got my niece one of these for her Birthday and she absolutely Loved it. I got it for a great deal, but even if I had paid full price for it, I think it would have been worth it just to put that smile on her face. It was a big hit with all of the children at the party though, they all wanted a chance to ride on it. It's great for younger children. I'm glad I was able to get such a great gift.
Long lasting cute ride
My 3yr old loves his Blue. There's a compartment at has three different snacks stored. The compartment is also big enough to put the power cord in. Clear sound quality.sounds just like Blue. Lasts a little over an hr. Does not work on soft foundation and grass. Smooth surfaces only.when you turn to steer it can pinch your kiddos thigh so be careful.
My two kids would love to try this dog t
I would love to try this product before I buy it I have my daughter and my son they love dogs toy and I would love to try it as a gift for them
Super adorable
I love this for my son he loves blue clues and this brought it more to life for him. I love that it makes noises and that he can ride through the house with it. Not so good in carpet due to the little wheels but we have mostly hardwood so it was a problem. I didn't see a off switch so sometimes it goes off and scares me but it's kinda funny..
Hours of fun
My son received this as a gift for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. He rides up and down the hallway and I basically have to pry him off to come eat lunch or dinner. It makes a lot of different noises and it makes my son laugh and laugh. The battery lasts a long time too! Awesome toy!
Fun toy
I love this toy! I know they make a baby shark and also a very pretty unicorn ride in toy. (We have the unicorn one!) it’s super sturdy. My husband rode on the back with our almost two year old to make sure she wouldn’t fall off! Know she absolutely loves it. I can’t wait to get another one so her younger sister can ride one with her as well. It’s a bit pricey but I believe my girls will get the moneys worth by playing with it lots.
Great riding toy
We got my grandson one for his birthday. He absolutely loves it. He is a super fan of Blues Clues. Makes a great gift

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