Rose’s Simple Syrup botella de 12 fl oz

4.9 5 0 121 121 Durante más de un siglo, el nombre Rose’s ha sido confiado por bartenders y entusiastas de los cócteles como un mezclador indispensable. La dulzura de Rose’s Simple Syrup está hecha de azúcar de caña y proporciona la máxima mezclabilidad en sus licores y cócteles favoritos. Rose’s Simple Syrup también es un acento perfecto para bebidas no alcohólicas para agregar dulzura. Cuando se trata de un mezclador de calidad, no hay excepciones o sustituciones para la marca de confianza Rose’s. Por favor, beba responsablemente.
Rose’s Simple Syrup botella de 12 fl oz


I've never needed to change
Roses has been my go to simple syrup brand for ages. I cant see any reason to switch it up at all. It does just what it is supposed to(make my drinks sweeter.) I dont do well with the taste of alcohol so I use it in all my mixed drinks.
So easy
Yes, you can make your own simple syrup, but why spend the extra time when you can just open a bottle and use. A pantry staple, I always keep this on hand.
Its simple
Its just sugar water but as far as sugar water goes this does the job. If you are out on a picnic or something and don't have access to make your own simple syrup than this is a good choice.
I like to use this to make sweet tea. For years, I used granulated sugar for my sweet tea but then I discovered this and it is much better!
This is really good for making your own special drinks
Time for an Old Fashioned! Yum!
I actually bought more of this last night. I discovered this for making Old Fashioned's: (Bourbon, simple syrup and an orange peel and bitters (optional) Soooo good! In general, Rose's brand is a go-to for me when making mixed drinks.
My coffee time
I like my iced coffee sweetened, and this stuff is perfect. I no longer have to wait for cane sugar to dissolve in my cold coffee. Love this stuff!
Best for bar drinks
Every bar I’ve worked at has used this product and no complaints whatsoever!
Good for all drinks
It's sweet, simple syrup. Not too thick or thin. It is definitely more cost effective to make your own, but when I am entertaining or running low on time, I find this to be a great alternative. I do love to combine this with the other Rose's products for cocktails that feel homemade.
love it
so good. Makes good drinks. you really got to try this.
excelent choice for cocktails making
i took bar lessons (mixing drinks) i was making my own syrup but it take time and that is something that i dont have much, when i stast using this syrup on my mix i was facinated on how good combine and make flavor to my cocktails, is very cheap so its a good point and you dont have to use a lot to make it work, i recommend this syrup to all mix drinks enthusiasts
Great Simple Syrup
Rose's simple syrup is a must-have for any home bartender. It is made with pure cane sugar and water, and it is perfect for adding sweetness to cocktails, mocktails, and even coffee. The syrup is also great for baking, and it can be used to make glazes, frostings, and even ice cream toppings. I highly recommend Rose's simple syrup to anyone looking for a delicious and versatile sweetener.
It’s simple
I make my own simple syrup. I saw this and thought I’d give it a try. It’s not bad. I’ll definitely keep one or two on hand when I don’t feel like making my own. Great for traveling. I do wish it was less expensive.
The syrup is very light not sticky at all it finishes and as the extra crisp to your drink on a nice summer day or even if you want to use a simple syrup to incorporate into other recipes that you might have it's a perfect addition
great drink
Great product! must try. i would highly reccomand this

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