4.9 5 0 308 308 La solución de inmersión del Dr. Teal’s aprovecha el poder del té verde Matcha rico en antioxidantes para proporcionar un baño tranquilizante junto con la Sal de Relajante Epsom con Té Verde Matcha.
Sal Relajante de Epsom con Té Verde Matcha de Dr. Teal's
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Dream Weaver
It sure made long hare days easier knowing I was going to get to soak my feet in this after work. Blessing in a bottle.
Best of Both Worlds
I have always used plain old epsom salt in my bath to help with aching muscles and just aches and pains from growing old. Until I tried out Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath which has the benefits of epsom salt plus a luxurious bubbly bath that smells so good. I take baths almost every night any more. I consider it my "me time" and I suggest everyone do the same :)
Relax and Rewind with Relief
I love this epsom salt!! I use this all the time to help with pain and swelling in my joints, it really helps with my wrists and elbows. It’s a bit expensive compared to others but well worth it if you ask me.
Helps me get unwind on those bad days and its great
I really do love this Dr. Teals Matcha Green Tea Bath makes me feel so relaxed and helps with the achy joints I'm dealing with. The Epsom Salts in it helps the achy joints. leaving me feeling and smelling Great!! This is one you have to try. I Love Dr. Teals
Dr Teals epson salt bath
I use this all the time So soothing. I love this bath It actually soothe muscles and rejuvenates entire body The aromas are great too
Great for Relaxing Baths
This product not only smelled great but it also felt great. I couldn’t have been more relaxed! Allowed me to wind down and be at ease. Definite buying again!!
Relax for a while!
This is a great product to add to bath water after a long hard day . If you just soak for a long while it really eases aches and pains !
Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath
Mixes well in hot water...smells nice... soothing for my dry skin..
Perfect After A Long Day
after a long stressful day sometimes I need to soak and Dr Teal's is perfect. Not only is it great for my sore muscles but it smells great and really relaxes me!
This stuff smells so good and so helps you relax in a nice hot bath! Especially if your muscles are hurting! Soak in this a while and you will feel amazing.
Relaxing spa in your tub
This stuff is the bomb! I love Dr. Teals! It smells great, its relaxing, and also helps easy sore muscles and helps small cuts heal. This stuff is like an all one holy grail. Will use this for the rest of my life
My hubby loves it took !
It's the best bath soak I've ever used it helps my muscles relax in my legs and I have restless leg syndrome. And as a bonus my husband digs it to after a long day at work .
Holy Relaxation!
This stuff never fails to help me relax after a hard day. I put it in a hot bath and soak for about 30 minutes. When I get out I'm relaxed from head to toe and usually ready to fall asleep. I always gave this or the bath salts in my cabinet!
Great product
Dissolves quickly. Lovely smell and it works really well.
This is a great relaxing bath salt with a nice soothing scent. I didn’t use it for any kind of pain since epsom salt is used for pain But it’s super nice and and leaves your skin smooth and smelling good

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