4.9 5 0 307 307 La solución de inmersión del Dr. Teal’s aprovecha el poder del té verde Matcha rico en antioxidantes para proporcionar un baño tranquilizante junto con la Sal de Relajante Epsom con Té Verde Matcha.
Sal Relajante de Epsom con Té Verde Matcha de Dr. Teal's
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Dr. Teal's Foaming bath is the best bath product I have ever come across! The smell is always amazing and my skin always feels so great after using this. It really takes the edge out of a super hard day. So great at helping me relax!
Dr. Teals wash
My mom got me to try Dr. Teals soap and I love it! Green tea is the best. I use it 3 days out of the week and I feel so much better. My favorite teals is Lavender, it relax me after a stressful day. I recommend use it 3 days out of the week and You will feel so much lighter.
Bath soaks
I absolutely love their products. My body and skin feel so amazing when i use them. Epsom salt bath soaks are to die for.
Dr. Teal's Soaps
I love Dr. Teal's brand of soaps, They smell great & work well. You get a lot of bang for your buck as you don't need to use a lot. Reasonably priced & can be found just about every where. I purchase Dr. Teal's at my local grocery, Fred Meyers. I recommend you give them a try & it's a good way to relax!! Enjoy.
I suffer with gout and leg cramps. Not only do I soak in Dr Feels Epsom salts, but I use them in my DIY bath bombs. Both do help relieve the pain and are very soothing!
Hydrating and helpful
Soothing and helps with tight, stiff muscles while keeping skin hydrated.
Thumbs up
Works great. I use it when my hands cramp alot. Makes the pain almost gone or at least bearable.
I want to try because I use epsom salt when I make my pedicures and see how it works
People always have such wonderful things to say about Dr. Teals products I would love to try this it looks very relaxing.
Would love to try this product I have anxiety and it gets so bad my muscles knot up. I usually use regular Epsom salt in a hot bath to relax .... this product sounds like heaven lol
I love how soft and non reactant this is to sensitive skin
After taking care of two munchkins, this product would be ideal for me time to relax and get myself together after a long day of taking care of two kids. I would love to give this a try!
I have not tried Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt it would be a great opportunity because I do suffer from aches and pain in my bones.
Se ve genial este producto y no tengo la oportunidad de probar
I would like to try this product. I use regular Epsom salt an I am interested in trying this out

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