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Sandía-Lima Picante fuego + hielo de vitaminwater™
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Coppertone glow sunscreen lotion
Coppertone Glow Sunscreen lotion. It gives your skin a glittery shimmer highlight which compliments tanned skin and protects your skin from the suns uv rays.
This product leaves your skin glittery in the sunshine! I love it because the glitter stay on your skin in the ocean where others wash off. You can even apply is when you are just going out so you have a pretty glow !
it made u glow
it was very smooth and wasn't cakie it gave u a very mice shimmer I use it on all my beach tripp this summer its veary light good stuff and u still can get sun as well with out so much of the harmfull rays
Shimmer and shine
If you like to shimmer and shine while stile have that glow about you I say this is the product for you plus come on it’s got shimmer and shine in it lol
Gitter overload
a fun product for sunbathing. Would not recommend for prolonged water exposure as water around me looked like a glitter bomb exploded. SPF worked as expected
Coppertone 30 sunscreen shimmery
I love the fact that it is SPF but it's also great since it can also be used for your body as a lotion Luminator,making from head to your legs look shimmery and sparkley and who doesn't like the fact it makes you look bling! Bling and protect your whole body while looking very sparkly and shimmery! it goes on smooth & protects you from the Sun.. Coppertone is one of the best Brands i have always used as a go to for protection from the sun's harmful rays so when it comes down to spf products. I will always buy this brand and product plus I like the smell as well as feeling when putting on my illuminator and protector!!
Nice glow!
It gives a nice glow and it replaces having to put on lotion plus sunblock, so that’s a plus! I recommend it.
I love it. I won't ever leave home without it. Makes my shin feel soft and hydrated.
Coppertone® Glow Sunscreen Lotion with Shimmer
Great product to get an early start on your summer tan. The lotion smells nice, is long lasting and with that little glint of shimmer makes it feel like you aren’t even wearing sunscreen.
Delicioso aroma!!
Me encanto la combinación de sabores, en este tiempo de calor hidrata y vitamina al mismo tiempo, el precio es excelente y el sabor riquisimo, esta mas que recomendado.
Love the Shimmer
Banana Boat has been around as long as I can remember & has always been a great product. I love the hint of shimmer in this product.
So glowy
I tried this last month before a pool party & omg, it made me soooo tan and glowy!! I got a tan that day from it yet didn’t get burned, but I would even use this at night just to make me look more tan! It’s amazing!
I definitely recommend tanning a little bit before slathering this from head to toe. Although the product itself did protect my skin fantastical! I sure didn’t burn but I was so pale and shimmery I looked like a twilight extra. Definitely need a tan for this at least in my opinion but if you’re not a pale white girl then I’d definitely recommend this!! Xox
Does the job.....
If your looking for a shimmery look at me sunscreen then this is the product!
Would totally recommend!
Leave a great shine, I dont like using tanning beds so this is a plus if you want thay great glow and sparkle at the same time!

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