4.6 5 0 11 11 Super omega de gran fuerza, aceite de krill con alta capacidad de absorción, rico en los ácidos grasos esenciales omega de alta concentración.
Schiff MegaRed Heart Health Super Omega
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I like this product because it easy to swallow and there is no after taste. Only been taking for 1 week will have to wait another week to see is it is working
I hated taking the fish oil that my doctor wanted me to take. I read on MegaRed and decided to try it. The pills were smaller, there is no after taste and it is just once per day. So much better than fish oil pills or gummies. I highly recommend these to love your cholesterol and help your heart!!
I like the fact that this product is twice as strong as the original MegaRed, so when I was purchasing vitamins, I purchased this product instead of the original MegaRed product that I normally buy.
no bad taste , easy to take and no nasty burps. great prroduct
I have been taken this brand for awhile, it did help lessen my cholesterol # down. Just a reminder to others, natural supplements takes time to work. I love this since there is no after taste when you take it. That's important. Highly recommend MegaReds to anyone and everyone??
These are very good quality supplements. For those of us that take a fish oil type supplement I highly recommend MegaRed.
I used to take fish oil but started reading about the benefits of krill oil so I purchased the product. I liked that the pills were smaller than the huge fish oil pills I had been taking. I know that it has lowered my cholesterol so I will stick with this one.
I would like totryied at any time. I never tried.they said its good l would tried to.
I would love to try this product as I already take fish oil pills.
I would love to try this out would appreciate it.....
I tried.this.once for about a.month don't recall any changes in my health. I think I.needed to try it longer
I currently use omega supplements, but I have heard fantastic reports on this one.. I'd love to try it for myself. I've been told that it has really helped some of my friends with their RA..
If this product is strong enough to keep me healthy I would like to try it as soon as possible.
I have not sample this product.like to sample this product.
I have not tried but would like to. Easy to swollow, and absorbs better.

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