Seattle Gummy Company 200mg Cafeína Energy Gummies - Frambuesa De Chocolate Negro

4.4 5 0 26 26 Cuando necesite estar alerta y concentrado rápidamente, las gomitas de cafeína Mocca Shots High Energy funcionan 5 veces más rápido que el café. La combinación de cafeína natural, complejo de vitamina B, antioxidantes y activos herbales aumenta la energía, mejora el enfoque y mejora el rendimiento cognitivo.
Seattle Gummy Company 200mg Cafeína Energy Gummies - Frambuesa De Chocolate Negro


Energy in a delicious gummy! What more can anyone ask for?! Perfect for anyone who wants to feel energized in a flash!! So delicious too!!!!
I loved these. I found the flavor to be much better than I thought it would be. I didn’t notice the energy boost like I thought I would that’s why I deducted one star but the flavor is great
Bounds of energy
I use these in a pinch when I don't have time to stop for my morning coffee. These gummies give me a boost (equivalent to a cup of coffee) and are easy to carry around. They are expensive though that's the only negative.
Man these will make you get your stuff done lol.
Seattle Gummy Company Caffeine Energy Gummies - Dark Chocolate Raspberry
I am imressed how it absorbs directly through the tissues in my mouth plus the caffeine in the gummies gets into my blood within 3-5 minutes and I get a quick boost of energy Also, Mocca Shots are the highest concentrated caffeine product available, and the caffeine is combined with herbal ingredients to reduce the jittery side effects of caffeine so I can enjoy clean, focused energy but I just the quick energy you get would last longer
Mocca shots
Very tasty. The mocca shots will definitely help you get ___ done. Easy to open and close the package. We will be keeping these around. This is A good quick and easy pick me up.
Flavorful burst of Caffeine
I stumbled on these by accident, but Wow they work really great at giving me that Caffeine burst I needed without going out for coffee. Great taste, great results. I will keep some on hand for those afternoon slumps that beg for caffeine. Love, Love, Love them. I wish I could find them in more stores.
Love love love
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services that have teenage or even just for themselves. They're definitely awesome to have around.
my review
hi i have tried these before,and i would love to try these again,in dialysis treatment,because i get really hungry in dialysis treatment,so i would love to try these again.!
Not a fan
I did not like the taste of these at all. Maybe I got a bad batch but they had a funky aftertaste that is hard to describe. I am not a coffee drinker but I do consume caffeine and I would rather have a soda than pop a couple of these
;ove it!
These don't leave a gross aftertaste like some brands. i also liked the texture
Seattle Gummy Company Caffeine Energy Gummies - Dark Chocolate Raspberry
These High Energy Gummies actually does work 5x faster than coffee at half the price. It contains a unique combination of caffeine, vitamin B complex, and herbal nootropics that helps boost my energy, improve focus, and enhance my cognitive performance without jittery side effects and tastes good also
Ok but I wouldn't buy again
I'm a matcha drinker and wanted to try something different. These were just ok. I didn't find it gave me the normal energy that I was used to with my morning matcha routine. They did taste good though.
Loved these
These are so good! Would buy again. I would recommend to my friends.
Seattle Gummy Company 200mg Caffeine Energy Gummies - Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Finally, a product I can use when I'm traveling without having coffee breath! The dark chocolate raspberry flavor is quite unique and has no after taste. Good for a quick boost when you need one.

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