4.7 5 0 10 10 Un rocío tónico superfino y rico en nutrientes con agua de coco, pepino y rosas que hidrata, prepara y refresca la piel.
SKINFIX Agua Tónica Barrera+ Nutriente
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I really love this hydrating mist it’s put an extra bounce in my skin. I really love using it on my hands face and body I recommend it to anybody looking for extra moisturizer that’s Misty.
Amazing Mist
This is a refreshing and hydrating mist with coconut and cucumber. It made my skin feel very refreshed
Love 💗
Love misting my face when I wake up to reduce redness and anxiety in my skin. I also put this mist in my mini cosmetic love it go buy some
Works on all skin types
My hands get dry during the colder months so this product has been a life saver for them. They feel so soft. Also no oily residue
Amazing hand cream
My hands are dry especially near the nails. This cream is easy to spread and feels so good when applied. Highly recommend.
this product very good
i love this product and i recommend this product to a friend
Good Product
I felt like this left my face fresh and clean. Tried other products and this is definitely one of the better products I have used.
Skinfix water misting tonic
The best thing about this product is that it is good for oily, normal, dry or combination type skins and it makes your skin feel nutrient rich with the tonic made of coconut, rose waters and cucumbers which is all organic in nature leaving you skin looking georgeous
I live in Texas.It is very effective in humid and dry conditions for cooling and hydration.I have been using this product for the last 4 months and I love it!Its so gentle and lovely.My feels good and looks healthier.It doesn’t leave an oily residue afterwards.My best friend while traveling.
Makes a difference!
I came across this Skinfix spray and decided to give it a try. I'm disabled and will try anything that is convenient and easy to use, this spray caught my attention as being simple for myself to use daily. My skin looks so much healthier from using this product daily for two weeks now. I already know that this will be going on subscribe and save, it's that good. After my very first use my skin not only felt amazing it actually looked healthier from the first use, say what!? I'm serious though, my sister stopped by that day and asked me what I did differently that day and this was it! It left my skin feeling good and looking healthy, my skin hasn't looked like this in years. I absolutely recommend this product and I know I'll continue to use it and see amazing results!
Buen día,el tónico Skinfix promete un roció de belleza en la piel de las damas ,coco ,pepino y agua de rosas son la hidratacion perfecta ,natural y ligera como un roció en la mañana.
would love to try to this product , please send me a sample . Sherri Leach 34 Annadea Rd Brockton ,ma 02302 Thak you very much.
I love trying products for the first time! Would love to try this!
Me encantaría probar este tónico porque es difícil encontrar un tónico sin alcohol
Would love to give it a try. Can I get a trail to try this product out?

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