4.3 5 0 153 153 Un delineador de ojos radiante que también funciona como una sombra de ojos.
Sombra de ojos, lápiz jumbo color Queso Cottage de NYX Professional Makeup
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Eye pencil
I love this eye pencil, it’s pigmented and it is long lasting.
I purchased this because I wanted something with a little shimmer. I got exactly what I was looking for. Not too much and not too bold. The price was well worth it..
I really like jumbo eye pencil, it really goes on smooth and enhances your eyes, it gives you a brighter and awake all together eye look that's perfect for everyday, it didn't flake or run and it lasted pretty much all day, I do recommend trying this jumbo pencil and the price point is affordable for anyone
Really like this pencil
I love using this jumbo NYX pencil in white and black. They make really good eyeshadow base for when I really want an eyeshadow to pop!
I've only bought one color of the NYX jumbo eyeliner and that is because it irritates my eyes and no matter how careful I am with it it just seems really heavy and cakey. Even if I try to use it as an eyeshadow base its super sticky and ends up creseasing over top of my eyeshadow primer. However, the pigment is great and for the right person they can be very versatile.
makes eyesahdows pop
i especialy love the color milk i use it as a base for all my light eyeshadow looks! it makes the color mich more dramatic!
Good coverage but a bit greasy for my liking and skin type. I would like a pencil with the similar consistency of a lip or eyebrow pencil like I used to get with BEDHEAD under eye pencil when they were producing it. I should had bought a dozen but at $15 a pop it just wasn't plausible at the time. Two was all I could afford.=-[
liked it
I really liked it and it stayed on pretty well throughout the day. I wish I could find some that didn't come off at all or at least not smudge on me. But overall I did like how it glided on smoothly
Bright eyes
This works well when used in the corners of your eyes to brighten them up, doesn't last all day so you may need to reapply. Also can be used as a base to brighten you eyeshadow.
Use as a primer
It actually wrks well as a good primer for bold eyeshadows
Great eye pencil
Really enjoyed this eye pencil. Used a shimmery white shade for corner of the eye details and under the brow highlight. Smooth application and great color. Only downside was it's jumbo sized so small details are difficult.
Pretty good product
I like this due to it being easy to grip due to a larger size. It is very high quality and I think it is great for the price.
Great for everything
This stuff is great, you can use as eyeliner to open up your eyes, you can use it as a base to make your eye shadow pop or you can even use as shadow. Not to mention the price is great.
Good Eyeliner
The eyeliner went on very smooth. It lasted to the end of the day.
I got this in the color milk. I love to use this as an eyeliner, but it's also great to use as an eyeshadow.

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