4.8 5 0 119 119 Intercepte el olor proveniente del baño y proteja su inodoro con una vigorizante mezcla de musgo de roble, hierbas y cítricos.
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It really works
I am amazed with this product. It is so funny how people are discussing it. All positive review. Keeps the smell away. Maybe more fragrances should be added. I would recommend this product.
Don't leave home without it
This is a great product and really works well. I wish I could get my husband to remember to use it. Our bathroom opens up into our bedroom and he wakes me up during his morning poo. UGH!
It works
As long as you use as directed this works amazingly well!
No odor
Use as directed, it eliminates bad odor. Makes pocket size for emergencies away from home..
Smells like a rose....lol
When i first seen this product i thought "what a waste" but then my father used it in his bathroom one day for me and it really is effective and smells waaaay better then the alternative. Def would recommend!
This product is great. I recently bought one for the kitchen. Removes stinky fishy odors from seafood smells.
Works Great!
This stuff is amazing. Covers all unpleasant odors every time. We keep a bottle in every bathroom in our house.
Works great. Makes the bathroom smell amazing. It is good on the go whenever you travel. I love this product because it's so easy to use
No more embarrassment. Spray and go. Leave and no one will ever know you did more than comb your hair.
So I’m a little “poop shy” out in public and a co worker told me about this product. I was a little apprehensive at first but when the urge hit I did the two pumps as recommended and did the business! Y’all, it really does work! I walked back in to “check” because I was embarrassed and you couldn’t smell anything but the fresh scent. I’ve bought them for our whole family and given as gifts!
Go & Flush
Great. Innovative. Everybody asked if it was the other the way around. When used they couldn't believe the results.
Does its job.
I love Poo-Pourri! While my favorite scent is Royal Flush, this was not bad. It had a pleasant smell and was not overwhelming. It did its job.
Thanks, Poo-pourri!
Two pumps into the bowl, leaves a non overpowering subtle scent, I guess more pumps will increase the concentration of the scent, if you like that.
Not typical
I didn’t like the smell of this one. There are other scents that are better. Disappointed
Worth it...
Does as described. Not my favorite scent, but better than the alternative.

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