4.8 5 0 124 124 Intercepte el olor proveniente del baño y proteja su inodoro con una vigorizante mezcla de musgo de roble, hierbas y cítricos.
Spray para descarga con musgo de roble + hierba + cítricos de la línea Before You Go de Poo~Pourri
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Really works!
This is a game changer for everyone in this household. It’s nice for me to be able to not feel embarrassed about my visits to the bathroom. Saving the embarrassment of who goes next
It works
Quite simply, it works great and better than you expect. Impress your friends or anyone in general. Even spray it on yourself to smell like a fresh bowl of joy. Bottle design is colorful.
Fabulous product! Never be without it!!
Love this stuff not only does it work great for the bathroom I like to spray this on my furnace filters so the smell goes throughout the home!! Great product!!
Love it!
Works like magic! Is especially useful when traveling for work with teammates. Prevents embarrassing moments.
Really works
This product does its job, must have with a house full of people
Bathroom / Purse Essential
This product WORKS. There should be a law for this to be in all bathrooms. One thing- I definitely think the cap needs to be screw on. The cap came off in my purse once and it got all over everything! Never was able to get the smell out, thankfully it's a good smell.
It's great
I take it everywhere I go just in case and it covers the smell of everything LOVE IT
It works for odor!
This product works to protect odor and add a good odor for bathroom use before you use the bathroom. I recommend it and it’s easy to travel with if your nervous to use the bathroom at a different place other than your own home!
Yes I loved this!
By far one of the best ive tried yet! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Actually works!
I have not tried this smell before, but this brand I believe any smell will work. It is quite crazy how it gets rid of the nasty odor our body leaves dispelled in the toilet. The lemon scent is what I tried but I would use any of the scents to be honest.
Safe me :)
Everytime someone done doing their business on toilet, the toilet smells like hell. I have to wait at least 20mnts until I strong enough to get inside the toilet. After having this product, I only wait about 3 minutes before I get inside the bathroom. It really safe my life LOL because I dont have to wait too long if I teally need to do my own business and I didnt kill the next person when they gonna go to bathroom.
Liked it.
I've tried the knock-offs and this one was the best. It takes less of the product to achieve the same results. No improvements definitely the best. i don't think I would tell my friends though.
This comes in so handy for work and home. I keep one in my purse for work and one in the bathroom at home. It really works and is better then a room spray.
When I first bought this I honestly didn’t believe it would work! Boy was I wrong! I have it sitting on top of my toilet right now and I will never not have this again. It actually covers up any and every poop smell! I have 4 boys in this house if that says anything for ya!
Fresh Distraction
Wow such a powerful result from a little spray and lasts for such a long time!

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