4.8 5 0 124 124 Intercepte el olor proveniente del baño y proteja su inodoro con una vigorizante mezcla de musgo de roble, hierbas y cítricos.
Spray para descarga con musgo de roble + hierba + cítricos de la línea Before You Go de Poo~Pourri
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Good product
Good product. Smells good. Lasts a decent time. Would recommend.
Highly recommend
I love this product. Like the scent. A small amount goes along way. Easy to carry on a purse. Overall highly recommend.
My poop doesn't stink
This is a great product. Many people I know have 1/2 baths off their kitchen. When there at people sitting around the kitchen the kitchen table, you don't want to stink up the bathroom, and let the stink permeate the the kichen, and the the people in it!!! Poo-pourri eleviates that problem. It is strong enough to mask the stinky of last night's dinner without being the heavy "give you a headache" fragrance. A little spray goes a long way!!!
Works wonders
I think it's awesome! Works just like it says it will and the smell is not overpowering. I personally love it paired with Pure Citrus citrus blend air freshener. The combo leaves the bathroom smelling citrusy and fresh! Two thumbs up!!
Love it
I love it ! All the scents are delicious ! The product it’s super easy to use ! Only the price it’s a little higher compared with other aromatic products . But it’s worth it!
Before you go flush down
I purchased this product a little while ago and have used it a few times. It does take care of the odor but I’m not 100 percent thrilled with the fragrance. But ok
Great for small spaces
I first saw this in a public bathroom and tried it. Works great. I use it at home because we have a small place and I don't want the house stinking. I say it is definitely worth the money
Love this product
I love the convenience of this product and that it smells amazing. It doesn’t make a loud noise compared to other brands. You can discretely spray this in the toilet and it takes care of the smell.
Prevents bad odor and embarrassing moments
Leaves a pleasant smell in the restroom. This is great when you travel and stay in a hotel or use a public restroom, you don't have to worry about leaving a unpleasant odor.
Great product
Skeptical at first! But let me say this stuff really works. It doesn't mask the odor like most products do. The smell is just right, its not to flowery or doesnt have a strong perfume smell. I bought this in a two pack a few months ago and im still on the first one
Buy it!
I love this product! I always keep it in all of my bathrooms and I also bought one for my work bathroom 😂 it really works well !
This product is amazing. It keeps all smells where they are supposed to be and keeps the bathroom smelling fabulous.
We all love this. I have one in each bathroom. I got my first one as a gift and I thought it was silly but now we can't do without it.
My bathroom never smeles better variety of scents and choices because I like the scents and bottles
I got this as a gift, and never thought I would use it but I loveit! The smell is awsome

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