Strictly Curls Espuma de peinado que realza los rizos

4.3 5 0 83 83 Fórmula que define los rizos, protege el color, elimina el encrespamiento y transforma los rizos finos y lacios en rizos voluminosos, voluminosos y brillantes. Salón perfeccionado por el estilista campeón mundial y experto en cabello profesional Marc Anthony con su fórmula registrada Moisture Gloss.
Strictly Curls Espuma de peinado que realza los rizos


Soft and bouncy curls
I love this stuff! Instead of crunchy, "wet look" curls. You get soft, healthy looking beautiful curls that last all day.
Beautiful bouncing baby girl curls
My daughter has autism trying to brush her hair is like trying to hold down an angry cat but this moose slash gel works as a natural detangler once I come it I run my fingers thru it and she has the most beautiful curls
Perfect for keeping your curls in shape
I loved this product for someone who has naturally wavy frizzy hair it tamed it so well. My friend even tried it as well and she has straight hair and it gave her hair a little bounce as well. Plus the lemon scent is a nice touch
Soft curls and wave
I love this product. I received a free sample in a monthly package a fell in love and now I purchase the full size product. I have been fighting my waves and fluff for years. I decided to embrace the newest trend of perfecting the wavy but not totally curly hair. Imagine my delight when I put this product on freshly washed towel dried hair and ended with bouncy curls. They look messy, like fresh off the beach messy. I love the casual look.
Works well
This product works well on my long, thick curly/wavy hair. It controls frizz all day, even against humidity (in Arkansas it's humid,all the time.). I rarely repeat buy many products, always looking for one good enough to buy again. I will consider buying this one again though. Lol.
Works Best for Looser Curls
I have what people would call 4C hair, and for me this product doesn’t give me the most defined curls without loading it up completely, and even then I still have frizz. My mother and sister have much looser curls and it works great for them. It leaves their hair shiny and curly and it lasts them all day. I would recommend this to anyone with more 4A and above hair curls. Anything tighter, it doesn’t work the same. Especially if your hair doesn’t take to water as well as others.
Not the best for me
Tried this line of hair products and found it lectmy hair feeling dry and dull. Changed products and my curls are soft and shiny
Loved it!
I have super curly 3B stubborn hair and this was a great discovery for me. This foam is not sticky and easy to use, I prefer to style my hair while still wet. If you use too much you might get built up residue so don't. Overall I'm happy to use it and I'll keep buying it.
Gives your curls an easy breezy bounce to them. I love how light it is in your hair and the hold that it gives your hair.
Works in a pinch
I have curly hair. I'm always looking for the next best thing for my curls. This did work. But I still had frizz. This definitely works in a pinch
Curly Q!
Love this product! It doesn't weigh down my curls and keeps them in tact the whole day!
This is a fairly good styling foam. If you live in an area with high humidity(Like I do) then it make not work as well for you. I noticed during the winter months it works a lot better than the summer months. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or sticky.
Amazing product! I used this on my daughters hair that is curly and very long. It did wonders for her hair, no frizz and made her curls pop. Love this hair product!
I have wavy hair and on days I don’t have time or not fuss with my hair I use this and go and my hair looks great no hassle smells good too
Amazing product!
Strictly Curls in my go to product for beautiful bouncy curls! It gives glossy frizz free curls without that terrible crunchy feeling! I use in my hair and my 4 year old biracial daughters hair! We both love it! It’s salon quality without the salon price tag!

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