4.6 5 0 40 40 La fórmula, con una infusión de vitamina E y aceite de argán, protege e hidrata la piel del cuero cabelludo. Alivia la picazón y la irritación* (*asociado a la caspa con el uso cotidiano). Puede aplicarse en hasta 4 lavados diarios.
Suave crema hidratante para el cuero cabelludo de Head & Shoulders
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Helped my hair
This product works well, but not enough to where I’ll continuously buy it. I’ve had other leave in conditioners that have worked better. The pro is that it’s easy on my scalp, which is a huge bonus for me since I’ve got some scalp issues.
Flaky scalp
I am biracial so I have very bad dandruff. My scalp flakes up really bad when my scalp is dry. Using this product it made my scalp more soft and kept it hydrated. Started to see less flakes and less dandruff within a week of using it. My scalp became shiny and it just felt amazing.
I have tried this product n this product is really amazing.this product is really helpful for my itchy n dry scalp i m feeling so amazing with my hair. U guys can go for it
Eh usado este Producto y me den el pelo muy suave lo recomiendo
I tried this and was satisfied with the product. I wasn’t completely sold on using it again. I would consider this average or as good as other store products
Very effective
I have itchy and flaky scalp problems and bought this to see how it would work for me. I liked that it tingles, makes me feel like it’s cooling my scalp. I have had a little less itching but of course I didn’t expect to get rid of it all. I do recon!
I have 2 months use this and is great I really recommended use a little spot and is good for de tangle my air
All around perfect, I was extremely impressed. I will continue to use this product.
This product wss ok but I didn't get the results that I was expecting. Might or might not try it again, but I seriously doubt that I will
Head & Shoulders Supreme Soothing Leave-On Scalp Cream
Effective on dry scalp. Smells great and will recommend to others
Head & Shoulders Husband Relief
My husband absolutely loves Head & Shoulders with this wonderful product! He has much less itch, I'm sure it will continue to improve as he uses it for a longer period of time. His hair feels and looks great! He loves it and do do I!
Love it
This works great smells good I love it. I do reccomend this to family and friends
Great stuff!
After using it 2 times my dry scalp was completely gone! Love love love it!
I have dandruff and this cream helped me with the itching and with my dandruff I really liked it
Head and shoulders
Definitely works to relieve an itchy, dry scalp. Has a nice scent. Over applying can cause your hair to look oily. Overall, great product.

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