4.5 5 0 298 298 Infusión de aceite de coco. Probada en salón.
Suave Professionals Acondicionador Reparador de Daños Infusión de Aceite de Coco
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No more Suave For Me
My friend has pretty hair and she said she used this and the shampoo. I thought maybe I’m over paying for my hair products! Nope! This was a complete fail. Left my hair dry and frizzy! It did smell good.
Best conditioner!
I've been using suave products for about 20yrs. But the professionals brand is by far the BEST shampoo & conditioner I've ever used! My hair is naturally curly and frizzy.. It leaves my hai so soft! And it smells soooooo good! I LOVE IT!
best product ever
Have been using this product daily for sometime now and i absolutely love it!!! makes my hair so soft and manageable and smells incrediable.
Sleek and shiny
I tried this when my local store was out of Pantene which was my usual brand. I was so glad I did. I used it along with the shampoo and they both work great. It left my hair tangle free, sleek and shiny. I would consider it just as good as Pantene.
Suave Professional Coconut Conditioner
I use this along with Naturals Shea & Coconut leave in conditioner and it really has made my hair stronger with less breakage. I love ❤️ the scent. I highly recommend that you try this. Its cheaper than others.
Good, but not my favorite Suave
It smells good, but did leave my hair feeling a bit heavy. It's better than most conditioners, but I prefer Suave Sleek for a more smooth and silky feel. This particular formula didn't compliment my long, straight naturally oily hair.
So Soft
Leaves my hair feeling thicker and softer. Smell fades away fast though.
One of their best
Throughout the years I have used MANY Suave brand products and I've always been a fan. I think this product is one of their best, I love that it contains coconut oil which is great for so many things and it has a nice thick texture to it. A little goes a long way. Keeps my hair nice & hydrated and smells amazing!
Soo soft
Terrific hair product leaves hair soft bouncy and beautiful shiny that makes hair look great
Sauve Coconut Oil
I liked Sauve Coconut Oil. I thought it left my hair nice and soft, but kinda thought it would be a more dramatic difference and more shine. even though I would still recommend it and was a good value for the money.
Love this conditioner
I received a bottle of this ro review and I absolutely love it. You only need a little, makes your hair smell wonderful and not oily.
Soft hair. Affordable
I really like most of suaves products. This conditioner was nice and thick and had a good slip to it. My hair felt really soft but it wasnt weighed down. It smells great and it lingers in your hair. Definite repurchase
Suave Coconut Oil Conditioner
Suave Damage Repair Conditioner has Coconut Oil in it, which smells fantastic and made my hair softer. The Suave Professionals line is great, and they're super affordable compared to any other salon products for hair. My hair was less tangled and this conditioner washes out more completely, than some conditioners I've used. It didn't leave my hair oily or greasy either. Try this Suave Conditioner if you're on a budget like me, or if you just like great hair results at a great price!
Love it!
I love the suave professionals line! I've tried most of them, and been satisfied every time! They smell amazing and leave your hair feeling clean, light, and soft!! I absolutely recommend these products!! Love it!!
Dry hair
The smell of the conditioner is lovely. However the product left my hair feeling dry and knotty. It wasn’t a product for my baby fine hair.

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