4.3 5 0 5 5 Rejuvenece instantáneamente la apariencia de piel opaca de aspecto cansado. Humecta a medida que afirma. Acelera la apariencia de una piel más suave, más fina.
Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask
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I think it works well, I like the tingling feeling it has, really makes it seem like it's working, I would recommend it.
Yes I have tried this out befor and love it moisture my skin very well work very well
I have tried this and although it makes your face feel good after you use it, it really does not show any signs of helping with aging like getting rid of wrinkles or toning down red face. It's like most other masks i've tried that just makes your face feel clean. It's not the worse thing i've ever tried but not the best either.
I actually received this as a gift and I absolutely loved it.It left my skin feeling soft and healthy.I would love to get more,it's a great product.
This Green Tea Facial Mask firms and adds moisture to the skin instantly. It doesn't leave your skin feeling tight like most Facial Mask do. Love the scent.

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