4.8 5 0 118 118 Nerds lanza una edición limitada de envases tan impactante como la galaxia. La saga continúa... ¿elegirás el lado oscuro o el lado de la luz? Que la fuerza te acompañe. Caja de 16 paquetes de variedades que incluye 8 tiras de cereza roja y 8 tiras de frambuesa azulada ¿De qué lado estarás? ¿Lado oscuro o lado de la luz?
Tiras Lado oscuro de cereza roja y Lado claro de frambuesa azulada golosinas de Star Wars 16 paquetes de variedades de Nerds
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My kids love it
My kids really like both flavors. They are big fans of nerds ropes. I think they have tried them all. They were very impressed with these flavors. We will definitely be buying again.
Best candy ever
i bugged hubby to get them for me cus i hadnt had them in years still amazing
Best candy ever
Reminds me so much of my childhood! I didn’t even know they still made this, I just love it so much I bought so many to stack up lol.
nerds ropes
I just love the Red Cherry Nerds Rope. There not just for kids!!!
Nerd ropes are so good!
I love Nerds Ropes! They’re a perfect mixture of a chewy jelly covered in delicious nerds candies. These are one of my go to candies. I do recommend trying these. Especially if you like candy, and nerds!
Nerds ropes are one of my favorite candies of all time! Now with this new flavor AND Star Wars affiliation, I can’t stay away! Love. Love. Love! The kids love them too AND Star Wars! :)
Love this nerd ropes. My kids enjoy eating them and also taking pieces of the rope to eat the last part. Great combination not too sweet with a twist of sour. Great
Start Wars Candy
I love this product so much! I never tried this type before, but willing to give it a try. The fact that it has great filling made it better. I did not expect it to be the right level of sweetness.
Nerds Rope Star Wars
The Nerds Dark Side Red Cherry & Light Side Blue Raspberry Rope Star Wars Candy are such a cool snack idea. I love how the Nerd's brand teamed up with Star Wars to create nerds ropes that resembles lightsabers. Eating these made me feel so nostalgic, and they're just as delicious now as they were when I was a child.
Delicious fun candy. Very flavorful and fun to eat. It has multiple textures and flavors in each rope. I would recommend it to anyone. No improvement needed. Everyone that likes chewy fruit candy should try it.
These are classic candies.. My fav! Love these new Star Wars flavors
So yum.y
I love these little things. I remember my husband bringing some.hime one night and I was like what is that. After trying them inwas hooked the ropes are like the texture of licorice but they are fruity and actually taste good.
I remember when these can out when I was a kid. The texture is a little off but the taste is amazing!
So cool
These are so cool I love the concept of it. And what makes them even better is that they taste so good. I love nerds candy. If your a Star Wars fan and love eating nerds candy then you must try them.
If you love nerds you will love this. Best taste is the blue

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