Tiras Lado oscuro de cereza roja y Lado claro de frambuesa azulada golosinas de Star Wars 16 paquetes de variedades de Nerds

4.8 5 0 137 137 Nerds lanza una edición limitada de envases tan impactante como la galaxia. La saga continúa... ¿elegirás el lado oscuro o el lado de la luz? Que la fuerza te acompañe. Caja de 16 paquetes de variedades que incluye 8 tiras de cereza roja y 8 tiras de frambuesa azulada ¿De qué lado estarás? ¿Lado oscuro o lado de la luz?
Tiras Lado oscuro de cereza roja y Lado claro de frambuesa azulada golosinas de Star Wars 16 paquetes de variedades de Nerds


Grandkids loved the cherry one. I liked them both. They are sweet and sour and we love that combination. We liked that they were in long form. I would recommend this candy to to all the nerds out there.
Nerds ropes
We enjoyed the light side blue raspberry nerds ripe. My kids thought it looked like a light saber and enjoyed the taste. They thought it was hilarious their mouths were blue at the end. We will buy these as a special treat.
I am addicted
I love these ropes! My kids have to hide them from me! I am not sure why I love them so much but I do. The blueberry flavor is my favorite. My new guilty candy pleasure.
Nerds on a rope
This are okay if you really like nerds Candy. I’m not a big fan. Nothing wrong with it, my kids like it, I just don’t like them having so many at once and it doesn’t have a box or anything to put it in if you don’t wanna eat it all a one time. Which makes it difficult when your riding in a car, especially long trips.
Kids love them.
The kids love them. They are a lot of fun to eat and quite large.
Sweetness Overload!
The nerds rope is one of my favorite treats! The kids love it and the taste is like no other!
Nerd Ropes Was The Best Thing To Ever Come
I personally love nerds, and this was amazing. It’s just like their Gummy Clusters! I would say it’s pretty much the same, but the nerds rope has more flavors and it’s, well longer! I love nerds and this was a great product!
I love cherry nerds there so yummy blue berry is awesome as well highly recommend this product
These Nerds are the perfect holiday gift. Put them in a stocking or Easter basket. Kids will love them.
My kids favorite
I have been putting Nerds Rope in my kids Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, Birthday gifts and other special occasions for years. Even as they have gotten older, its one of the favorite parts of any holiday. When the Star Wars themed ones came out, I was thrilled to find yet another reason to gift them. The flavors are outstanding and I have yet again won them over through their stomachs and taste buds.
Nerds 💕
I love nerds candy and this is an awesome great tasting flavor enjoy eating them 😋
Nerd rope
I love these rope candy has a great taste and easy to dispenser.
Love them
I loved the cherry flaver. Was chewy yet crunchy at the same time.very sweet
Sweet, tangy and fun!
My two boys LOVED these! Candy and Star Wars, what more could you want?! These were fun to play with and easy/not messy to eat. They were sweet and tangy with the crunch of nerds but the rope adds a nice chewy element to the mix!
The Flavor Is Sour with the right punch of sweetness. The chewy texture is to die for!

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