4.6 5 0 13 13 Permanece fresco y seco con estas toallitas extragrandes para el cuerpo de 10.5 x 9 pulgadas. No deja residuos en las prendas.
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Toallas desodorisantes
Tollitas que desodorisan combaten el sudor me parecen geniales para usarlas porque son muy buenas
Son muy buenas para el sudor ya que son anti transparentes son fácil de llevarla
These are amazing. Sweating ruins my life and this has helped me so much. They have made it possible for me to feel comfortable enough to go places again. Leaving the house isn't scary like it used to be.
Very happy
I am impressed with this product I have not found any outher on the market that works as well as this does
I have tried everything to help with my excess perspiration. these wipes have proven to be very effective in solving my problem.
Not for those of us with hyperhidrosis
I have hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) and have yet to find an OTC product to prevent my face and neck from dripping sweat. These wipes smell nice and helped me feel refreshed, but I kept sweating and before I knew it my pack of wipes was gone.
Great for travel
I travel a lot and I sweat a lot this product is perfect for those that sweat profusely and rsndomly
Carpe antiperspirant wipes
They are good when you are on the go and you forgot to use deodorant or antiperspirant for your underarms
Carpe non sweat antiperspirant wipes
They are good when you are doing normal everyday activities at preventing sweat but not that good when you are exercising but I like that they are very portable and smells very good
I would love to try these. Definitely would love to find a solution to sweating on my forearms and forehead. Back of neck also. Please send me a trial sample.
I would be interested in trying these to review plz send these plz
No I have not tried but this is an interesting product. I would like to try them.
I love everything I have read about these wipes so far,and I would love to try them out before purchasing in store to see how well they work.

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