4.7 5 0 224 224 Parte de la necesidad diaria de cuidarte para eliminar el olor o el sudor con una sola pasada.
Toallitas Desodorantes Pepino y Té Verde de Dove
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me parece un producto ecxelente para la piel,le deja a uno la cara como piel de bebe
Toallitas desodorantes
Realmente lo sacan de grandes Apuros, son suaves y con un olor Deliciosos
Perfect for AS Summers!
It can be triple digits for weeks on end here in AZ. Staying fresh and dry gets difficult at times! I keep a pack of Dove Deodorant Wipes in my my purse at all times. Talk about instantly refreshed and feeling better. I smell better, too! I absolutely recommend this product.
Great idea, but Not the best option
The idea behind this product is genius! I use deodorant wipes to get a quick refresh after a workout or being outside on a hot humid day. That being said, I wish this product was better at masking scents. It also doesn't leave your skin feeling very smooth and powdery like some of the other brands I've tried. And that's the reason I'm giving this 4 stars. In my opinion, if this product is going to cost me the same price as deodorant wipes from another brand, I'm going to choose the better brand. Which, unfortunately, isn't this one. But Dove is great brand that works on constantly improving its products and I hope they will continue to do so with their deodorant wipes as well!
Bought these on a whim and now I NEED them always
I recently saw these in the store and decided to give them a shot for after I go hard on my workout in the gym and I was so surprised shocked even at how amazing they worked I recently saw these in the store and decided to give them a shot for after I go hard on my workout in the gym and I was so surprised shocked even at how amazing they worked. Then wiped away every trace of sweat and dirt that I had from my workout you’re so fresh and clean and invigorated and it actually made me want to go another mile because I felt clean again. They smell so good and they’re so soft and cooling on the body.
Great on the go!
These are great for storing in your console or glove compartment for those early mornings you’re not quite awake yet and forget your deodorant !!
This is a very nice and convenient on the go product that fits easily in purse except for the package price. Ends up being kind of expensive when figuring out cost per wipe per package.
Th iui s is the next best thing to baby wipes when your in a rush just grab you one to feel fresh.
Great Product
I absolutely love these wipes. They’re great for refreshing yourself especially if you live in a humid area (like myself) they smell light and refreshing which is also a plus! Would definitely recommend.
Awesome product.
After using the wipes you would feel your face clean and fresh.
Best wipes ever
I absolutely loved this product. I kept them in my purse for when I needed to refresh myself. They did the job and they smell amazing. I brought these while on vacation and wanted to try them and I'm happy I did.
Dove deodorant wipes
I wasn’t very impressed with this at all! I was very disappointed in the quality of these deodorant wipes by do very Dove. They didn’t work well at all against order or keeping me dry. They did smell good and that’s it. I wouldn’t buy or recommend them to anyone
Toallas umedas
Fresco hidratante y de muy buen tamaño! Me parecen muy buenas y a buen precio
Quick and easy
These are great to travel with and I also love the smell of these. Dove has some great smelling products. I like the ease of using these. I also like how the packaging is makes it better for it to stay closed.
Great for travel
These are great to take on the go especially when there is not much time to freshen up. I work with food and sometimes the smell lingers with me...these totally do the trick. They smell amazing as well. They are compact and easy to throw in your purse or a to go bag

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