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Tratamiento endurecedor de uñas Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
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This is a staple
My nails were constantly splitting, cracking, chipping; I was never able to grow long nails. This product is a life saver! It's offered in clear, or tinted pink, and can be worn as a base coat, or just as a stand alone polish. And the best part? It's cheap!
Hard As Nails
I really like this product and trust it to keep my nails from breaking and cracking.
Best hardner out there
This Sally Hansen nail hardner is by far the best on the market. It's very long lasting and keeps my nails from chipping so much. I absolutely love it!!!
Sally Hanson Hard As Nails
My Dad's nails were brittle and would break easily. He got started on this and it worked so good he kept his nails painted all the time. I tried it and I liked it also.
Does exactly the opposite.
This product did not work for me at all. Maybe I had a off bottle but this did not even last for longer than half a day. The moment I went into the water it chipped off and my nails was back to normal.
Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen
I typically have thin, flaky nails that are brittle, but with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails it is as if they repaired themselves. My nails are firm and have a chance to grow when I apply two coats they are rock solid with a nice gloss finish. You can then apply any color polish you'd like. I highly recommend this product to help nails grow longer and stronger. Apply like regular polish.
Works great
Works great! My nails feel super strong and I haven't had a broken nail in weeks.
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
Does help to strengthen the finger nails especially if you have your hands in water a lot or use a keyboard. It helps with keeping them from breaking but not perfect. Yes I would recommend to friends.
Tough nails!
This product is not that great I was disappointed because it was always chipping and peeling off!
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener Treatment
I have very thin and brittle nails and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener Treatment worked great. My nails have gotten stronger in only a few months. I use 2 coats under my regular polish.
Only thing that works
I have such brittle nails ive tried all kinds of vitamins other nail hardeners. But came across this and WOW it doesn't take long to show results i even use it under my nail polish put 2 coats
Nail Hardner
At a time, that no matter what I did, I could not get my nails to grow. Then I tried Sally Hanson Hard as Nails...my nails finally grew and they were strong, so I wasn't breaking.
Great for naturally thin nails
This is the only product that I have tried over the years that has worked for me!! I have always had nails that were thin, always splitting, and would break before they could ever grow out. I used this consistently and my nails stayed in great condition and I finally was able to grow my nails to a reasonable length. Only downside was as soon as I stoped using it my nails went back to splitting and breaking. I would use it for either a base coat under colored polish or just as a clear polish and it worked perfectly for both.
Nail Splitting
I always like Sally Hansen products. I struggle with my nails splitting in the winter. This product helped from the standpoint of keeping something on my nails. However, I can't say for sure it strengthened them to help with the splitting.
ayuda a protejer la uñas es simplemente excelente, lo recomiendo.

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