Twinings Cold Infuse Peach & Passionfruit 12 Ct

4.1 5 0 62 62 Suelta, deja ... ¡Agita y disfruta! Twinings Cold Infuse Peach & Passionfruit tiene sabores dulces de melocotones maduros y jugosa maracuyá. Cada infusor contiene una mezcla de las mejores frutas y hierbas, especialmente mezcladas para preparar en agua fría para brindarle una bebida ligera y refrescante que puede beber en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar.Twinings Cold Infuse Melocotón y maracuyá, 12 ct, 1.06 oz
Twinings Cold Infuse Peach & Passionfruit 12 Ct


It was okay
Wasn’t that great the flavor wasn’t expected but the concept was amazing
it's ok
I didn't like the peach flavor, it tasted very artificial.
Smell weird
These were horrible! They have a awful smell to them I couldn't get over.
Love it!
First off, it smells so good! I’ve only had it cold but it’s so refreshing especially on a hot day. I keep these stocked in my pantry!
Great concept, but not my thing
I really tried to like it. I really love the concept. They smell so good and I really wanted to be able to drink them, but I'm not a tea person. Now my daughter on the other hand lived them! I think if they came with a chai tea one, she would be all over it every day. I can recommend it for tea drinkers, but not for myself.
My daily "treat".
I'm a tea girl. I drink unsweet tea all day, every day. I'm also very picky about my tea and like it just so. I was VERY excited when I saw this tea because I LOVE passionfruit anything and I love my tea. I was also excited that I didn't need to prepare anything. I was not disappointed! First, these are SO EASY! I can use my empty tea bottle, drop in a pouch and I have tasty tea! It's so convenient not having to wait for water to boil or 10 hours for a cold brew. The taste is AMAZING! It's a close tie between this (peach) and the mango passionfruit. They are both very fresh and have a ton of flavor (I cant stand weak tea!) These have a very natural, unsweet tea taste. The tea is great quality and is very fresh. There are also nice notes of hibiscus that blend very well with the fruits. Honestly, even though a cup is super healthy, it's my guilty pleasure. A cup is so tasty, invigorating and delicious, my mouth is watering just talking about it! This tea lover is in LOVE!
Good tasting tea
This tea had great flavor. I tried it both hot and cold and both were good. I would like to see more flavors.
I thought it had the like it was mixed with dirt. All know is that will never buy this or recommend this product to anyone.
Its Tea Time
I love this tea.I tried it as hot tea and iced tea and both were awesome.I can't wait to try the other flavors they have.
Love love love
I enjoyed how subtle but noticeable the flavors are and I’ve tried so many teas that are either harshly adding extra flavors or have no flavor at all, but this it hints at just the right amount of peach and passion fruit. It blends beautifully. 💗 I loved this and so did my kids to be honest. We were all pleasantly surprised. There were several other flavors and we’ve enjoyed each tea.
Great flavor
I have tried all of the cold infuse flavors. This is the most refreshing one to me. Light, subtle flavor and so easy to just throw in my water bottle.
I saw this on the shelf and had to try it! I love the flavors of this tea. It was so easy to use! There wasn't a bitter taste to it. I would recommend this tea to anyone that likes flavor added to their water, not just for tea lovers!
Twinnings makes some of the best Tea. If you enjoy a nice aroma. Calm. Soothing. Cold or Hot. Anything from Twinnings is top notch. I was not sent this product.
Cool concept
I really love the concept of the infusion pouches. My favorite flavors are the blueberry apple and watermelon mint. They smell great and are super easy to use. The taste of the blueberry apple is great and I like the watermelon mint. Great item for on the go!
nive flavor
these are the best-tasting infused tea I have had.

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