Twinings Cold Infuse Peach & Passionfruit 12 Ct

4.1 5 0 62 62 Suelta, deja ... ¡Agita y disfruta! Twinings Cold Infuse Peach & Passionfruit tiene sabores dulces de melocotones maduros y jugosa maracuyá. Cada infusor contiene una mezcla de las mejores frutas y hierbas, especialmente mezcladas para preparar en agua fría para brindarle una bebida ligera y refrescante que puede beber en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar.Twinings Cold Infuse Melocotón y maracuyá, 12 ct, 1.06 oz
Twinings Cold Infuse Peach & Passionfruit 12 Ct


Not a fan
I bought a few different flavors of this brand of tea to try, however I was not a fan. While the idea is fantastic and cold infusion is convenient, the flavors are not for me.
Good tea
While I didn't like this flavor, too floral for my taste, I do love the pink grapefruit and orange flavored one. The tea bags works fast and can be used multiple times in a sitting.
Very tasty and very easy to use...hubby uses it all the time!
Flavored tea on the go
How brilliant is this! I love Twining's teas they always taste the best. They have no artificial sweeteners, are caffeine free and so easy to use. You just drop it in your cold water and it quickly flavors your drink for an amazing taste. It's the perfect blend.
You do have to have these teas steeped in cold water for more than the recommended time of 5mins. I highly suggest taking a sip after 15-30mins. I've tried another flavor before the peach and I told myself I would never buy the Cold Infuse line again. After giving the Peach and Passionfruit a shot, I am a believer. You can definitely taste both the peach and passionfruit! These teas meant to be light and not loaded with additional flavors, sweeteners or agents. There are definitely hits and misses. This is a hit! Highly recommend!
Great product, not flavor
Didn’t prefer peach /passion fruit. I liked other flavors.
Twinings Cold Infuse water enhancer
I liked the ease of use of this water enhancer and that there are no sweeteners in it. The flavor infused throughout the water and the flavor was just right for me.
It tastes great . It very easy to make and you will like it.
Just ok
This cold infuse was not what I thought it would be. It lacked flavor and was very bitter for my taste. I do love the idea of the product. I would suggest making the flavor more potent.
Not my idea of tas
I bought these thinking they'd be an alternative to expensive flavored waters. Some portion of me thought they'd be delicious. The flavor, at first, is fruity. But the more I drank, the more bitter my water became. I tried it again and the same thing happened. This is a no for me.
Taste good
Great taste my kids and i love this!! I recommend y’all to try this!!
This has a great taste!Really refreshing and tasty.It is cheaper than being flavored water and taste is so much better.This is one of my favorite brands of tea. It’s easy to brew and turns out delicious. I drink teas more during the winter months and when seasons change.
I love these
So much, I am not much of a fan or hot tea because I always burn myself. One day at the grocery store I saw these in the tea aisle and just decided to try them. I am glad I did.
Twinings Cold Infuse Peach & Passionfruit 12 Ct
This mouthwatering flavors provide for a refreshing drink you can't get enough of. Its the perfect way for me to wake up my water, just drop it in your bottle and go! Sugar free and no artificial sweeteners, naturally caffeine free and infuses quickly in cold water but there is still nothing like pure spring water but this is a nice change of pace
A Life Saver
This product is truly great in a pinch. It tastes wonderful and makes me feel replenished. And it's convinence is great. Keep it at home,work, or even in a purse or gym bag it goes where you go. s

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